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[ Review ] Althea Petal Velvet Powder

Wednesday, 9 August 2017
Hello friends! I'm bringing you a very exciting news! Althea has been a famous K-beauty and skincare platform among girls nowadays, so I'm sure you've heard about Althea before. I would like to congratulate Althea because they are having Althea's very first exclusive product starting off with: Petal Velvet Powder. *Drumrollsssss* 
Thankyou Althea team for sending me this box of beauty.

To be honest, Althea team always make a girl feel pampered whenever receive their parcel.
Peach pink is just right to blossom a girl's heart. Althea knows girl best.

This debuting beauty is a translucent powder that sets make up and leaves behind a silky finish  to the touch. Infused with oil from Althea seeds, this powder works to keep sebum production at bay without drying out skin for a radiant, fresh look, all while giving out a gentle scent, Keep your make up looking great all day or dust some on stay shine free.

Personal information
Size : 3g
Type : All skin types
Color : Translucent
How to use : Pick up product with a brush/ puff provided and gently sweep onto the skin
My Verdict
Texture: Soft silk and light weight. Pretty smooth when it glides into my skin
Scent: Flowery. Because it contains flower seeds extracts, guess it's the reason how the scent comes from. But it isn't too strong, it doesn't linger around.

Overall: This is my second loose powder product (was using Innisfree). It doesn't clump together when sweep into my skin, not forming a white patchy thingy. My skin is combination type. I found that it do helps to control sebum to create an oil-free look lasts for 4.5-5 hours (depends on where I go) Pretty easy to apply as it's finely milled. I feel it's good to try with reasonable price and quality content. Worth the money.

*** Just my honest opinion. Not liable for any problems might arise after you use the product.

Don't hesitate! You can click the link below to buy you one :)

XOXO! See you!


Afternoon Tea Date | 2PM G Hotel Kelawai

Wednesday, 19 July 2017
Hello readers! I'm bringing you a good news! 
Before that, I want to ask you, you and you: As a Penang lang, have you ever heard about G Hotel? Who never know G hotel? Can raise up your hands? Anyone? *Clearing throat* Erhemmm.... No response? So I bet its a big 'NO NO' from you guys. HAHA! Frankly speaking, I know its existence for so long already but it was my first time to visit this beautiful hotel. Thankyou Annie for the invitation. 
I know 2PM G Hotel Kelawai is famed for it's 2pm-5pm daily afternoon tea. 2PM is featuring a three-tiered silver stand of new treats on the plates from July onwards including homemade scones, fruit tartlets, macarons, sliders, French pastries and a pot of tea of your choice. Now, the afternoon tea set is priced at RM50 nett for 2 person's sharing portion. Girlfriend/ boyfriend can pay attention, you have a new place to hang out already. 
Step into G Kelawai, I can conclude that this place is sophisticated and well crafted. It's ambiance is relaxing and unwinding. Contemporary furnishings and natural light streaming through the windows are inviting and cheering. Especially the outside seats, I really love natural sunlight. It adds shines to this place.
 Me can't resist to take a pic in good lighting.
Today's companion: pretty Shih ming :)
The atmosphere is a thumb up for us as a first timer! So, now let's have a look on what they have for afternoon tea.
Macarons. Their macarons are the least sweet among those I have eaten. (Though still sweet)
Mini burgers (Patty made up of prawns and chickens) This is a yum!
Mini fruit tarts. I personally like this! They just look so appetizing. 
Croissants with ham slices
Garnishing such as pandan leaves, butterfly pea flowers, mixed fruits like strawberry, canned mandarin orange, canned lychee, mixed nuts and chocolate decos like sticks and slices. 
Before we can try the food, we have had an interesting activity: Photo challenge! We are required to make our own set of three tier afternoon tea set by filling our plates with the food as shown. These are all items included for recent afternoon tea promotion set. Once completed, we need to showcase our creativity by decorating them. Then, we need to post it on Instagram to gain votes. The winner of the day will get attractive prize! Oh it's the most creative food review I have ever attended! 
 With my apron, I'm ready for the challenge.
Messing up my plates, I was a little nervous to group them together. Haha. look at the anxious face.
Deng deng deng! My baby is out! I chose the strawberry tart as the main attraction cause I simply love the color combo. The most satisfying plate among 3 tiers that I have arranged.
Tell me, who doesn't like desserts? 
Annie actually explained what goes where for the three-tiers stand to us. Do you know about this? 

[Sharing] Proper food placement will be like this: Savouries such as tarts/ croissant/ sandwich those more filling food on the first and second tier. Scones usually will be at first level. While sweet desserts get to stay at third tier. Typically, each tier will accommodate equal service for 2 person. Usually, it suits for small group as the stand itself already takes up more table space.
Having a splendid moment with shih ming. This place is a gem. We're having our earl grey. 
After uploading our picture, we finally can sit down and relax and try out the food.

These are a few pages of the menu .
Chilli Margarita Pizza is a boom! If you like spicy, can try this!
If you want to have some light snacks, can opt for Chicken in basket. Perfect to eat while gossiping. 
This is the famous Pomegranate mojito. One of the Cuba's cocktail with a twist. spice rum, pomegranate syrup, lime fresh mint and soda water. First sip was really strong! Cause I didn't blend it well. But its getting smoother after few sips, refreshing! You can try this!
Get to know a few food bloggers based at PG and we have had a wonderful time chit chatting. 
Oh yay! Happy girl is happy! I won the first prize! Thanks guys for showering me with your love and likes.

Thanks for reading! 
Don't forget to jio your friends/ family for afternoon tea. XOXO
For more info: G hotel Kelawai


Bausch and Lomb's | Your daily wear

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Hello readers. This is my first post since my holidays started.
Recently, I'm trying out Bausch and Lomb's daily disposable softlens. For short-sighted person like me, distant objects always appear blurred and difficult to distinguish. This may put me in a situation that sometimes, my friends labelled me as 'cocky/ not-so-friendly' because I don't say Hi when they are just right in front/ bypass me. My bad. Tbh, I can't see clearly.

I wear glasses most of the time. But if you're as careless as me, always wondering where did you put your specs/ when was last time you kept your glasses in your bag/ Did I just left my specs at the jungle track just now???? I feel like I'm a 'wonderwoman' (Wonder this, wonder that).

No worries! I want to share with you this good stuff that I have discovered.
Nahhhhhh~ Daily disposable soft lens ! 
They are definitely our life-saving option.
So, What benefits if you choose to wear them?
Of course! To avoid any misunderstandings, you will definitely able to see clearly.
I guess all lens do the same job to reduce blurriness / halos/ glare in your vision. Same goes to Bausch and Lomb's.

Next, they are pretty easy to use. Why? Because they only live with you for one day long. You don't need any special storage or cleaning after use. Just throw it. JUST THROW IT! after 24 hours!

Oh ya! Not forget to mention their comfort moist technology keeps your eyes comfortable and hydrated all the day.

My verdict:
I usually choose monthly disposable soft contacts. But sometimes lazy people like me, feel it's really a waste if I open up a new pair but ended up only wear twice or thrice in a month. For events/ short gathering, I would go for this daily disposable soft lens.
After trying for few pairs, they give me cushion like feeling and do not tear easily. After putting on, it makes me forget I've switched to lenses from glasses. HAHA.Personally feel it provides adequate moisture. Because my eyes get dried easily.
So, when you don't think glasses are cool, go for this one day short life lens!
One more thing: Affordable!
I wear them, I feel the difference. 
Any takers for this ultimate lens-wearing experience?

For more info, kindly visit



Thursday, 6 July 2017

I've been dreaming

I've been dreaming about getting older, 
Facing the seasons with the world on my shoulders, 
breathing the summer skin, 
that too scared to follow. 

I write down to easy my short cry to the high and low, 

the shadows sneak out, 
just a difference of these roads, 
I don't know why, 
why I'm scared to follow.

I'm walking with my eyes closed walking in the dark, 

walking over mistakes I feel it in my heart, 
still looking for my freedom, 
well it don't seem that far. 
Oh I pray to god that you find me.

My hands are freezing, 

from the white of the western glow, 
the treasures are lost now. 
I've travelled this open road and I can't believe it, 
I'm too scared to follow.

I'm walking with my eyes closed 

walking in the dark walking over mistakes, 
I feel it in my heart, 
still looking for my freedom, 
well it don't seem that far. 
Oh I pray to god that you find me.

We don't care much, so don't waste our time, 

we don't care much, so don't waste our time.

We've been dreaming 
We've been dreaming


I see trees of green, red roses too. I see them bloom, for me and you. And I think to myself, what a wonderful world. I see skies of blue, And clouds of white. The bright blessed day, The dark sacred night. And I think to myself, What a wonderful world. The colors of the rainbow, So pretty in the sky. Are also on the faces, Of people going by, I see friends shaking hands. Saying, "How do you do?" They're really saying, "I love you". I hear babies cry, I watch them grow, They'll learn much more, Than I'll ever know. And I think to myself, What a wonderful world. Yes, I think to myself, What a wonderful world.

Take it slow

And I'll go walking 
As far as it takes
And I'll go dancing
Till the rhythm it breaks

I've seen better days you know
We'll take it slow, take it slow, take it slow
Run me to the ground
Leave a better scene that what you've found

Take me down easily
It's more than I know
It's more than I see
Time stays still for a while
Running empty, running wild

I've seen better days you know
We'll take it slow, take it slow, take it slow
Run me to the ground
Leave a better scene that what you've found

Neutrogena x Mercedes-Benz STYLO Happy Skin 24/7 Fashion debut

Saturday, 1 July 2017
Hello readers, I'm back here to share with you an event that I have attended. Before this, I would like to thank Neutrogena for their invitation to Mercedes-Benz STYLO Asia Fashion Festival.
Neutrogena, The No.1 dermatologist-recommended brand is proud to present you Happy skin 24/7 collection created by local designers Kittie Yiyi and Hazzer Wan Lee. 
To achieve happy skin, make sure you start your skincare routine with perfectly-cleansed face. Neutrogena deep clean series offers a wide range of cleansers and make up removers to address different skin types and concerns. 
A picture with Arielle :) 
Collection by Hazzer inspired by water splash - a signature of Neutrogena Deep Clean range of cleansing products.
He used fluid lines and cascading layers to bring out the beauty and energy level of water in hues of blue, orange, green and pink. The clever incorporation and layering techniques of different materials such as PU, leather, cotton silk, organdy results in a unique 3D effect that mimic the movement of water.  
Collection by Kittie Yiyi are vibrant, joyful and cheerful. It reflects how beach girl being confident with their skin wearing transparent details and cut-outs.  
She is one of my favourite local designer as she portrays her fun and quirky personality and bring them into clothing line by making it unique and outstanding. It's like full of positive energy.
The designers and the team.

My honour to attend this Fashion debut.

I believe in one thing :
Beauty starts with healthy skin. 
That's why Neutrogena advocates  Happy Skin 24/7 campaign. Happy skin is definitely something that lasts through all seasons.

Thanks for reading! XOXO
Know more on:
Facebook | Neutrogena Malaysia
Website | Neutrogena