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[ Review ] Stay fit with Jonlivia ActivSinglet

Thursday, 2 November 2017
I think you must have heard of this brand before: Jonlivia
It's all about No.1 active lifestyle wear that helps to lose weight which is stepping into their 3rd year of establishment. Today, they have introduced the latest ActivSeries which practices NeoHeat technology and Jolivia says they can help to achieve results faster than you could imagine.
This is my first try out with Jonlivia ActivSinglet and my honest review.
My first impression:
Comfortable! The first touch on this singlet is super soft and comfy. No kidding.
It has thin and thick layer when I first wear this singlet. Upper part (above chest region) is thin and highly stretchable while the lower part of the singlet is slightly thick and spongy for me. Because it's made up of Neoprene material, thus it was used to preserve body heat.
Now, you can see from the picture. They have these 100% tear proof stitches.
It can cause a higher perspiration level (2.5mm thick Neoheat material) which making it easier to eliminate excess toxins and water. I'm not a sweaty kind of person. I can't sweat easily once I start to workout even after rounds of warmup session. So I found out that it helps me to heat up body a little bit faster compared to wearing sports bra.

What's cool about this is Jonlivia has their built-in ventilation air fabric which allows the air to flow in and out constantly and helps to move moisture away from skin. So even when you're sweating profusely, you won't feel dampish or not comfortable. I personally agree with this feature.
Not forget to mention this: One of the best thing I love about the design is this:
The mini back pocket for phone! I always like to jog/workout with music. And music contributes the most for instant motivation! So basically, this little feature add more marks on it.
Overall, I feel it's good to wear for workout. I would wanna try their hot pants if they work the best results together. Hope you like my sharing :)


[ Review ] OMAYA Korean Spiced Chicken @ Queensbay Mall Penang

Thursday, 14 September 2017
I definitely can see how OMAYA brings up the mood of Penang-Lang that my FB newsfeed has become flooded with sharing of OMAYA is coming to island. Yes! You're right! The 5th branch of OMAYA has officially landed in Queensbay Mall, Penang
on the date on 15th September 2017! Which is Tomorrow!
Mark on your calendar and Jio your friends/ family to join the heat of Cheesy Korean cuisine!
This well known brand of Korean cuisine restaurant, so called the largest Korean cuisine restaurant in Taiwan, obtaining around 60 branches in Taiwan. OMAYA is proud to be known as 'The 10 Best Korean Cuisine Restaurant' by Taiwan media, Apple Daily Taiwan and Yahoo press and so forth. I'm not really fancy with cheese but foodie like me love seeing how cheese are pulled out when steaming hot and lump it up pairing with ribs/ meats sinfully. This is heaven!
I guess I don't have to do much introduction as you can feel the heat of this Korean restaurant has created. 

Lee Kwang-Soo Cheese Dakgalbi (RM82)
My first place goes to: The signature cuisine in Omaya, 'Lee Kwang-Soo Cheese Dakgalbi' used to appear in the Korean drama, namely < It's Okay, Thats's Love >. With the combination of sauteed Chuncheon spicy fried chicken, pork and the cheese ring, it's said to abound in good looking, savory smell and tasty flavor. 400gm of Mozarella and Cheddar cheese forming the cheesy ring, and this cheesy ring just like molten lava when heated! Suitable for cheesy people like you! HAHA! Thumbs up! Oh ya! Don't worry, it's served with complimentary plain rice/ lettuce, kimchi and soup! Worth it!
And Lee Kwang-Soo, my fav artist in Running Man.

Pork Rib Cheesy Topokki Stew (RM75)
Tbh, this is one of the Top 3 food I really recommend. Pork Rib Cheesy Topokki Stew is my favourite among the dishes. I don't know how to describe a perfect ribs specifically. However, I don't expect Korean style ribs could be this tasty. Lock your teeth from the barbequed outer into the smoky flesh and gently pull them out of the bone,  it's just perfect! Taste the ribs first before you dip in the cheesy pot. Eating in two ways could really stimulate your appetite.

Busan Giant Seafood Platter (RM148)
Fresh is the only word I could named it. Using the 50cm gigantic plate imported from Korea and putting in fresh seafood: scallops, octopus, abalone, crabs, squid and may more combined with Korean dipping sauce. After the first round with seafood, you can have another round of Udon noodles cooked with tasty seafood soup. I'm sure they can satisfy our tastebuds! Best served for 2-3 people. Tbh, FRESH!

1200MM Korean BBQ Stewer (RM138)
Not to forget about the world record of this 1.2m BBQ stewer. You have to raise up your head to see the end of the stew. It consists of 15 layers of different fruits, vegetables and meat. Indulge yourself in alternate fashion of seafood, pork and chicken while having charred fruits and vegetables in interval. The feature of Korean cuisine is far more than I could imagine.

Shimson Stew (RM84)
Army stew + Fried rice + Cheese spicy stir-fried Topokki Chicken
Enjoy all in one go!

Honey Mustard Boneless Chicken cube (RM30)
Boneless chicken paired with cheese. Easy to eat. Not too crunchy as I expected but the sauce make it rich. Served with French fries.

Deep Fried Squid Cheesy Toppokki Stew (RM58)
Only Argentina squids are chosen. Feel the juicy tenderness with a bite.

Time to feed my stomach!
 Omaya upholds the most genuine culinary skill of korean cuisine, coupled with fresh ingredients that directly imported from Korea, that's how a delightful dish is being served to the customers. 

Cute Cony stood on the chair to prove its cheesiness. HAHA!

Nahhhh! You see! No lies! Feel the cheesy cheese yourself!

Rainbow slush (RM11.90)

I have no idea what's it but its color is attractive. It's so sweet that I can't really can name the juice inside. But yeap, you can bring back the stylish bottle after you finished it. HAHA.

Watermelon HiteJinro cocktail (RM36.90)
If you're a soju lover, you should order this. Bowling with hollowed out watermelon skin, not only soothing to eyes but refreshing to tastebuds as well. However, I'm not a soju lover. 

Honey Makgeolli (RM36.90)
Oh I like this! Sweet and refreshing! I think girls will like this!

Cottoncandy Frizzy Drink (RM9.90)
This is really cute! Like a big fluffy cloud capped on the glass! Visually satisfying. They have passionfruit pineapple, blueberry grape, orange mango, orange passionfruit yogurt these 4 flavors. I would said that its good to eat with refreshing sparkling juice if you feel the dishes are cheesy.
Oh ya! Not forget to mention the ambiance of the restaurant. To create an innovative environment, OMAYA had applied the concept of construction site which is bold and new. The association of bright yellow and black color had brightened up the atmosphere, making it externally fashionable and yet distinctive.
Opening promotion : Share your pics / Check in OMAYA Qsbay branch to get 50% discount for their watermelon milk
Worries no more! You can have the most genuine Korean cuisine now in OMAYA!
Jio your friends, Jio your family and now Let's go!

Check them out!
Website | OMAYA MY
Operation hours | 10.30am - 10.30pm daily

XOXO! Thanks for reading!


As Sly As Apple Fox Cider

Thursday, 24 August 2017
Let's talk about something different today. 

Dog goes woof, cat goes meow.
Bird goes tweet and a mouse goes squeak
But there's one sound that no one knows
What does the fox says?

You must have heard this song before, right??? But 
#WHATTHEFOX is this ?
Yes! It's all about Fox today! 
We love apple cider, aren't we? Not to bring us down, HEINEKEN Malaysia is proud to present their brand new cider : APPLE FOX CIDER
Let's welcome the new refreshing apple cider in town!!!
It's inspired by New Zealand cider makers, Apple Fox uses the best kept secrets of cider making to create a distinct, refreshing smooth drinking experience, served over ice. Like orchard thief, the fox has been known to hunt for delicious, juicy apples by sneaking into the heart of natural freshness ---orchards. Thus, Apple Fox is stepping in using our wily friend's favourite fruit to craft great tasting apple cider. This alcoholic ciders will steal the hearts of those seeking a brand that stands for straight up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge.

The meticulous process of creating Apple Fox Cider adds to the superior taste of products. The selection of a perfect mix of crisp and tart orchard apples is the first step in ensuring the unique brand flavors before the milling and pressing process that releases the natural apple juice, which is the basis for fresh apple taste. On to the fermentation, blending and filtration process in producing cider that consistently delivers refreshing apple taste. This New Zealand inspired apple cider ripples your senses with a crisp refreshing taste, capturing the essence of purity from where the freshest apples are grown. Aside from fresh, real and quality apple juice, complemented by  its 4.5% alcohol beverage volume, Apple fox is made to give you an instant refreshing taste.
Loh Ee Lin, Marketing Manager of Heineken Malaysia Berhad said," Globally a growing number of customers are discovering the appeal of apple cider, and we strive to present the best ciders that fulfils this demand. Apple Fox complements our cider portfolio, offering the best secrets of cider making at attractive pricing for everyone to enjoy''
From August 2017 onwards, Apple Fox is available in 320ml cans and 325ml bottles from hypermarkets, supermarkets and convenience stores. Not to worry that you will find them available at bars, pubs and restaurants too.
A special introductory price from RM5.80 per can will be offered for a limited time to celebrate the launch of Apple Fox Cider in Malaysia.
So, what does the fox says? 
Make sure you are at your legal drinking age ya!

Don't forget to get the latest news from their social sites. For more info, kindly visit:

XOXO! Grab one and tell me how much you like it?

Don't forget to #WhatTheFox and #AppleFoxCider while enjoying a Fox with your friends

[ Review ] Althea Petal Velvet Powder

Wednesday, 9 August 2017
Hello friends! I'm bringing you a very exciting news! Althea has been a famous K-beauty and skincare platform among girls nowadays, so I'm sure you've heard about Althea before. I would like to congratulate Althea because they are having Althea's very first exclusive product starting off with: Petal Velvet Powder. *Drumrollsssss* 
Thankyou Althea team for sending me this box of beauty.

To be honest, Althea team always make a girl feel pampered whenever receive their parcel.
Peach pink is just right to blossom a girl's heart. Althea knows girl best.

This debuting beauty is a translucent powder that sets make up and leaves behind a silky finish  to the touch. Infused with oil from Althea seeds, this powder works to keep sebum production at bay without drying out skin for a radiant, fresh look, all while giving out a gentle scent, Keep your make up looking great all day or dust some on stay shine free.

Personal information
Size : 3g
Type : All skin types
Color : Translucent
How to use : Pick up product with a brush/ puff provided and gently sweep onto the skin
My Verdict
Texture: Soft silk and light weight. Pretty smooth when it glides into my skin
Scent: Flowery. Because it contains flower seeds extracts, guess it's the reason how the scent comes from. But it isn't too strong, it doesn't linger around.

Overall: This is my second loose powder product (was using Innisfree). It doesn't clump together when sweep into my skin, not forming a white patchy thingy. My skin is combination type. I found that it do helps to control sebum to create an oil-free look lasts for 4.5-5 hours (depends on where I go) Pretty easy to apply as it's finely milled. I feel it's good to try with reasonable price and quality content. Worth the money.

*** Just my honest opinion. Not liable for any problems might arise after you use the product.

Don't hesitate! You can click the link below to buy you one :)

XOXO! See you!


Afternoon Tea Date | 2PM G Hotel Kelawai

Wednesday, 19 July 2017
Hello readers! I'm bringing you a good news! 
Before that, I want to ask you, you and you: As a Penang lang, have you ever heard about G Hotel? Who never know G hotel? Can raise up your hands? Anyone? *Clearing throat* Erhemmm.... No response? So I bet its a big 'NO NO' from you guys. HAHA! Frankly speaking, I know its existence for so long already but it was my first time to visit this beautiful hotel. Thankyou Annie for the invitation. 
I know 2PM G Hotel Kelawai is famed for it's 2pm-5pm daily afternoon tea. 2PM is featuring a three-tiered silver stand of new treats on the plates from July onwards including homemade scones, fruit tartlets, macarons, sliders, French pastries and a pot of tea of your choice. Now, the afternoon tea set is priced at RM50 nett for 2 person's sharing portion. Girlfriend/ boyfriend can pay attention, you have a new place to hang out already. 
Step into G Kelawai, I can conclude that this place is sophisticated and well crafted. It's ambiance is relaxing and unwinding. Contemporary furnishings and natural light streaming through the windows are inviting and cheering. Especially the outside seats, I really love natural sunlight. It adds shines to this place.
 Me can't resist to take a pic in good lighting.
Today's companion: pretty Shih ming :)
The atmosphere is a thumb up for us as a first timer! So, now let's have a look on what they have for afternoon tea.
Macarons. Their macarons are the least sweet among those I have eaten. (Though still sweet)
Mini burgers (Patty made up of prawns and chickens) This is a yum!
Mini fruit tarts. I personally like this! They just look so appetizing. 
Croissants with ham slices
Garnishing such as pandan leaves, butterfly pea flowers, mixed fruits like strawberry, canned mandarin orange, canned lychee, mixed nuts and chocolate decos like sticks and slices. 
Before we can try the food, we have had an interesting activity: Photo challenge! We are required to make our own set of three tier afternoon tea set by filling our plates with the food as shown. These are all items included for recent afternoon tea promotion set. Once completed, we need to showcase our creativity by decorating them. Then, we need to post it on Instagram to gain votes. The winner of the day will get attractive prize! Oh it's the most creative food review I have ever attended! 
 With my apron, I'm ready for the challenge.
Messing up my plates, I was a little nervous to group them together. Haha. look at the anxious face.
Deng deng deng! My baby is out! I chose the strawberry tart as the main attraction cause I simply love the color combo. The most satisfying plate among 3 tiers that I have arranged.
Tell me, who doesn't like desserts? 
Annie actually explained what goes where for the three-tiers stand to us. Do you know about this? 

[Sharing] Proper food placement will be like this: Savouries such as tarts/ croissant/ sandwich those more filling food on the first and second tier. Scones usually will be at first level. While sweet desserts get to stay at third tier. Typically, each tier will accommodate equal service for 2 person. Usually, it suits for small group as the stand itself already takes up more table space.
Having a splendid moment with shih ming. This place is a gem. We're having our earl grey. 
After uploading our picture, we finally can sit down and relax and try out the food.

These are a few pages of the menu .
Chilli Margarita Pizza is a boom! If you like spicy, can try this!
If you want to have some light snacks, can opt for Chicken in basket. Perfect to eat while gossiping. 
This is the famous Pomegranate mojito. One of the Cuba's cocktail with a twist. spice rum, pomegranate syrup, lime fresh mint and soda water. First sip was really strong! Cause I didn't blend it well. But its getting smoother after few sips, refreshing! You can try this!
Get to know a few food bloggers based at PG and we have had a wonderful time chit chatting. 
Oh yay! Happy girl is happy! I won the first prize! Thanks guys for showering me with your love and likes.

Thanks for reading! 
Don't forget to jio your friends/ family for afternoon tea. XOXO
For more info: G hotel Kelawai