and her beautiful mess.

About me

Hi ! This is Shin Hailey. 
Nice to meet you, peepos!

Facts about me:
1. Since when you have started blogging?
I remember I started this blog officially since 2015. 
Previously, I wrote things like how teens nowadays usually do. 
More on emotions, sentimental, mixed feeling stuffs of family and friendship  
at that stage of turning into an adult. 
But soon, when I grow up and I start to share more on food, travel and beauty. 

2. What's your occupation?
Oh I'm a dentist. Dentistry is probably most art-related job for me.
Hope I can create more beautiful and confident smiles on people's faces.
Approach me if you need any consultation.

3. Your favourite color?
I feel calm whenever look at the sky and the sea. So I like blue.
Monochrome will be my choice as well. 
Mustard yellow is my new fav.

4. Which part of yourself you like the most?
Probably my smile and eyes. (I guess so)
I got my crooked teeth fixed at 2010. 
Thanks to my orthodontist for saving my life 
From being teased by my friends when I was at school times. 
I gained confidence after braces removed. 
And I'm always proud to have a pair of light chocolate brown eyes. 

5. What is your life goals?
It's a lot! I'm ambitious. (Joking joking HAHA)
Somehow, I wish to have my own cafe with a working space for arts and crafts.
Selling my favourite desserts and coffee. Teaching calligraphy.
It would be best if upstairs' s dental clinic is mine too. 
And then travel twice in a year with my happy family.

6. 3 words to describe your life perspective.
Have passion. Be inspiring. Spread positive vibes.

Sometimes, I'm shy. So please come and say Hi.

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