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Pablo Cheese | Secret of Happiness

Thursday, 8 December 2016
It's no longer a dream! We are now having PABLO Cheese Tarts outlet at Malaysia. Congratulations on your grand opening at One Utama Shopping Mall (Old wings). Having Pablo in Malaysia is now another pride to show off. Because you know, I know, who else can beat down her records by selling one cheese tart in 7 seconds averagely. Let's welcome the award-winning cheese tarts.
Pablo cheese tart
 I don't know why. But their genuine smiles and spiritual slogans by saying 'Welcome to Pablo' really cheer me up. Sooooooo cuteeeeeeeee! And I really like how they dress up as attention-gaining Pablo waitresses. Haha!
 Mini Pablo in paper bags. 
Let's welcome the most popular cheese tarts!
Seeeeeeee! What do we have with us! Thankyou Pablo! I feel I'm so cheesy right now. Hahaha
Having a sip with Renness. You know how a cheese drink taste like? 
Come and get one yourself. =P
Happy kid still excited for getting her very first bite of Pablo cheese tart.
Mini Pablo cheese tart | RM8.90
Deng~ Deng~Deng~~~ Mini Pablo cheese tart with strong and rich cheese taste definitely wins my heart! Though the size is small, one bite can bring you to heaven. I swear. Please have a try if you have no ideas what to go for desserts. Aiming to bring the cheese lovers a revolutionary taste, I guess this is how Pablo's unique recipe can snatch away one's heart in a bite.
Pictures from FB.
Freshly baked cheese tart | RM45.90
The bigger, the lighter cheese. The manager told us when introducing this huge Pablo. With apricot gel spreading all over the soft cheese contents surrounding by crunchy and crispy outer layer, it's like a cake. The cheese taste is really light. Tbh, I personally like mini Pablo more. 
Words cant describe so come and experience yourself.
Classic cheese tart Pablo frute | RM15.90
You will never know how a cheese drink taste like. I personally feel its not odd at all. You just imagine they smash the whole cheese tart and make it as a drink. Basically this is how the drink comes from. Haha! Surprisingly, it doesn't make me feel full and heavy. Instead, I like the drink.
Sneak peak on your takeaway menu!
More please! Addicted!

More info :
Location | One utama shopping mall (old wings)


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