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Let's go to Yogyakarta & East Java

Friday, 9 September 2016
Hey yo! We went to this amazing place - Jogja & East Java during our summer break. To be honest, we didn't expect it would be this fun and wonderful at first but we ended up with a fruitful and enriching journey and we are still replaying our pictures and videos that we had took during our trip till now. Our heart skip a beat whenever look back at the picturesque scenery. And of course! I can't wait to share with you our complete itinerary and places we had been to. Jot it down!

Trust me! You won't want to miss this!!!
10 Days 9 Nights (RM1500)
Including flight tickets, accommodation, transporation & Entrance Tickets)

 ( Click in the link to know more) 

Day 1: Arrival at Adisucipto Airport - EDU hostel check in & Lempuyangan train station (Buy train tickets) - Malioboro street
Day 2: Kalibiru Park - Gumuk Pasir Parangtritis - Parangtritis Beach - Hutan pinus - Mangunan Sunset
Day 3: Umbul Ponggok - Goa Pindul - Gunung Api Purba Nglanggeran - Embung Nganggleran - Bukit Bintang Sunset
Day 4: Jomblang Cave - Timang Beach
Day 5: Borobudur - Candi Mendut & Pawon - Mount Merapi - Prambanan Sunset
Day 6: Morning train to Probolingo (8 hours) – Pick up by Blueflame Tour staff – 1 hour journey to Istana Petani Hotel
Day 7: Mount Bromo sunrise - Madakaripura Waterfall – Depart to Banyuwangi ( 6 hours ) - Ketapang Indah Hotel
Day 8: Ijen Crater Blueflame & Sunrise – Boom Beach - Karangasem homestay near train station
Day 9: Morning train back Yogyakarta (13 hours) - Alun-alun Selatan – EDU hostel
Day 10: Kraton sultan palace, water palace - Pasar Beringharjo - Back M'sia

Shameless saying that, our itinerary is highly recommended for you or you or you who are lazy to plan. It's covering almost all popular travel spots and you don't have to worry about distance from one spot to another. It's all well arranged

 (Sharing among 4 travel mates)

1. Flight ticket : Jogja—KL Return + 20kg baggage =Rm 210 /pax

2. Car Rental : Driver, Petrol, Parking fees 4 days (Mr Sewa) = Rp 2200,000 (Rm 682) =IDR 550,000 =Rm 171/pax

3. Accommodation : EDU Hostel (7D 6N) include breakfast ( IDR 80k x 6= Rm 155/pax)

4.  Entrance tickets: { * Places we missed out }
Kalibiru park (Entrance IDR 5k, Photo Spot IDR 15K, Photo copies 16 pieces IDR 80k/ 20k per pax = IDR40k = Rm 13 /pax)
Gumuk Pasir Sandboard  (IDR 120k /hr = Rm 38 =  Rm 9.5/pax)
- Mangunan Sunset (IDR 5000= Rm2/ pax)*
- Umbul Ponggok ( Entrance Snorkel package IDR 25k/ pax, underwater camera+ video 1hr IDR 100k = 25k/pax , Photo equipment motorcycle IDR 100k = 25k/pax  = IDR 75k = Rm 24 /pax)
- Goa Pindul (IDR 35k =Rm 11/pax)
- Gunung api Purba Nglanggeran (IDR 30k = Rm 10/pax)
- Bukit Bintang Coconut drink (IDR 10k = Rm 3/pax)
- Jomblang Cave (IDR 450k = Rm140/pax)
- Timang (IDR 200k = Rm 65/ pax)*
- Ojek to Timang beach (IDR 50k/ pax = Rm15.5/pax)
- Timang beach photo ( Rp 5k/pax = Rm 1.5/pax)
Borobudur Temple + Prambanan ( Combined ticket USD 32 = Rm 130 / Student card half price =  Rm65/ pax ) #Combined ticket valid for 2 days
- Candi Pawon & Mendut (IDR 3.5k/ pax = Rm 1/pax)
- Gunung Merapi ( Short Jeep Tour shared between 4 ppl = IDR 400K =Rm 30/pax)
- Kraton sultan palace (IDR 15k= Rm 5/pax)*
- Taman Sari Water Castle (IDR 15k= Rm 5/pax)

5. Transportation :
- Taxi : Rp 200k in total ( To hostel, train station, alun-alun) = Rm 62 = Rm15.5/pax
- Taxi from hostel to airport (By EDU hostel) : Rp 75k = Rm 24 = Rm 6/pax
- Becak ( EDU hostel to Water Palace & Pasar Beringharjo) = Rp 50k = Rm 16 = Rm 4/pax
- Kereta Kuda (from Malioboro street to EDU hostel) = Rp 50k = Rm 16 = Rm 4/ pax
- Train ticket Logawa ( Lempuyangan to Probolinggo) ( IDR 74K = Rm 23/pax)
- Train ticket Sri Tanjung (Karangasem to lempuyangan) ( IDR 94K= Rm 30/pax)

6. Mount Bromo - Madakaripura waterfall - Ijen Crater tour (Blueflame tour)
- 4 Pax : IDR 6800k =  1700k/pax =Rm 530/ pax

Packages Included :
- Private Car, Safety Driver, Full Petrol
- Private Jeep Mount Bromo
- Accomodation Bromo : Istana petani Hotel 2 rooms, Include breakfast
- Entrance ticket Bromo 4 persons
- Accomodation Ijen Crater : Ketapang Indah Hotel / Blambangan hotel 2 rooms, include breakfast, Karangasem homestay
- Entrance fee ticket Ijen Crater 4 Persons
- Guide Ijen Crater
- Professional Gasmask, Torch light
- Mineral Water during the program
- Extra free : Madakaripura waterfall Tours*, Coffee Plantation*, Jagir Waterfall*

Total: Rm 1477 
(Including flight tickets, entrance tickets, transportation, accommodation; 
excluding food & souvenirs)

Rate that we got was :

Our recommendation based on our own true experience & honest review 
-  EDU hostel (
- Budget hostel, booking online & payment on the spot (NO PREPAYMENT needed) 
- FREE luxurious breakfast daily, water dispenser, neighboring laundry shop, 
- Provide taxi transport & becak from hostel at reasonable prices, 
- Walking distance to Malioboro street ( 3km/ 20mins walk)
Friendly & helpful staff

 (Payment is only done on the last day of rental too, NO PREPAYMENT needed!)

- Mr Sewa   Mr Sewa Facebook ( ll +62857-2948-9214 )
- Very efficient and friendly in whatsapp or fb msg reply 
- His younger brother in law Mr Mardio Mr Mardio Facebook 

 Both of them can speak English & Bahasa Melayu very well!
-        We highly recommend them!! We rented their car for 4 days with Mardio as our driver. The car is spacious and very comfortable. Mardiono is very helpful, caring, kind and shared with us a lot of information regarding Jogja. He did not mind or complain even our journey exceeds 12 hours per day, and still bring us to go to the places that we requested on last minute. He is always on time during the trip, and never rush us during our trip.
-        Mr Sewa was unable to fetch us during the trip because he had guests, but he sent us homecook delicious dinner to our hostel, and even offer free rides & snacks for us to the train station!
-    Feeling so much warmth & kindness in Jogja =D

        Bromo - Ijen Blue Flame Tour (NO PREPAYMENT needed, only online booking!)

-        Blueflame Tour Company  Blue Flame Tour Website
-        Person in charged: Tony Tony Facebook
-    Tony is very efficient in replying whatsapp (+6285235991411), speak good English, responsible and friendly boss! He even offered us free coconut drinks at the Boom beach. During the tour, we were unable to do trekking due to my friend experienced exhaust burn on leg by motorcycle during the trip. Tony then offered us free stay in Karangasem homestay (worth 200k / 4 people ) as compensation. He also prepared tasty cakes for us before hiking Ijen crater, very thoughtful of him!

-        Guide: Andy   Andy Facebook 
He is our Ijen Crater's tour guide with deep sexy voice who protected us well throughout the hiking! He can speak English very well too. We feel very safe with him throughout the guide. He encouraged us whenever we felt tired and joke with us along the hike, showed us which place is safe to step on, and even walked back multiple times just to bring each of us on the steep trails at Ijen Crater. Best guide ever!

Don't forget to click in my subsequent blog posts to know what had we experienced throughout the amazing trip. 

Travel mate and friendship goals :  #JAMStravelogueee

Trip Planner : Jiaying
Treasurer : Aithing
Transportation : Meizi
Multimedia : Shin

Click in our Travel Vlog : Jogja & East Java Travel Vlog 2016

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  1. Oh myyy take me back to jogjaaaa�� Do u guys always travel around?

    1. Where is ur next destination? Just in case i wanna tag along 😝

  2. thanks for sharing. concise and informative!

    1. Thanks :) Hope you enjoy planning your trip!

  3. hi would like to ask is that because of the timing . you guys couldn't make it to Timang beach? i would like to do the same. Jomblang cave then Timang beach

    1. Sorry for late reply :) But we managed to go jomblang cave and timang beach on the same day. But it's quite a far distance from one point to another.

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