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[ Jogja ] Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater

Saturday, 24 September 2016
East Java, Indonesia 
I have to be honest that East Jave is totally stunning with its nature view! From Yogyakarta, Central Java, we took an economy train for 8 hours to reach Probolinggo Train Station. The Logawa train departs from Lempuyangan train station of Jogja at 8.55am, and arriving at Probolinggo train station at 5.30pm. The ticket cost IDR 74K per person (Rm 25/pax ). 

Tips you might need to know in the train :
1. The train is equipped with air cond, toilet, and cafeteria. Toilet is in good condition and basically they sell cup noodles, main meals and snacks too. 
2. Do bring your passport when purchasing the train tickets, and for checking in the train station too. There will be machines for you to print out your train boarding pass. (Advanced :p)
3. Do not throw your train ticket once entering the train, as the captain will come and check your ticket again and again!
4. In Logawa train, the seats are not that spacious and comfortable. Imagine you have to sit for so many hours, so bring your own U shape pillow or whatever soft toys to put under your butts just because your butts will get sore after long time. In Sri tanjung train, everything is slightly upgraded. 
Mount Bromo sunrise view.

Summary of our Journey :
Depart : Lempuyangan train station ( Yogyakarta, Central Java)
Arrive : Probolinggo train station ( East Java)
Duration : 8 hours journey

Pick up by Blueflame tour staff (Contact attached in this post) ,  Continued by 1 hour driving to Hotel Istana Petani, Cemoro Lawang Village (Base of Mount Bromo ) --> Mount Bromo --> 5 hours driving to Banyuwangi ( Hotel Ketapang Indah ) --> Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi --> Stay overnight in home stay beside Karangasem Train Station

Depart : Karangasem train station
Arrive : Lempuyangan Train Station (Yogyakarta, Central Java)
Duration : 13 hours journey 

Our honest opinion :
Our mistake was spending too much times in the train! This is due to we bought the return flight tickets of KL- Yogyakarta - KL. By referring to the map above, you should have a rough idea on how to plan your trip more effectively. There are few suggestions when purchasing your flight tickets:

PLAN 1  (If you have plenty of times) :  
Flight to yogyakarta & spending few days there--> train for 8 hours to Probolinggo train station then spend few days for Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi --> further travel to Bali by ferry --> flight from Bali to your country

PLAN 2 (If you have limited time) :
Flight to Surabaya --> 5 hours train to Probolinggo train station --> then spend few days for Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi --> further travel to Bali by ferry --> flight from Bali to your country  

p/s : There are also a lot of tourist attractions nearby such as Madakaripura waterfall, Baluran National Park and so on! Do pay a visit if your are not in hurry!

Stunning view in Ijen Crater. Let's get into the woods.

Listen to our suggestion :
In a nutshell, I will suggest you to fly to Yogyakarta or Surabaya, and back to your country from Surabaya / Bali to avoid the long hours stucking in train like what we did. However, we enjoyed the special experience rotting is the long hours train although it was tiring!

After doing a lot of research on the tour agents for Mount Bromo & Ijen Crater, we decided to take up Blueflame Tour Company. They have excellent trip advisor reviews, provided the most reasonable prices, and no prepayment is needed! The owner, Tony is very efficient in replying our whatsapp and email, and friendly in answering all my doubts or questions. Below are the package provided by the company: 

" Probolinggo Train Station  - Mount Bromo - Ijen Crater - Banyuwangi "
Total 4 Persons is 6.800.000,- IDR Or 1.700.000,- IDR / persons (Rm 530/ pax)
Payment Method : Cash --> 50% on Bromo Hotel , 50% on Ijen Crater Hotel

Packages Included :
- Private Car
- Safety Driver
- Full Petrol
- Private Jeep Mount Bromo, Guide for Mount Bromo
- Accomodation Bromo : Istana petani Hotel 2 rooms, breakfast included
- Entrance fee ticket Bromo 4 persons
- Accomodation Ijen Crater : Ketapang Indah Hotel  2 rooms, breakfast included
- Entrance fee ticket Ijen Crater 4 Persons
- Guide for Ijen Crater
- Professional Gas mask, Torch light, Bamboo stick (we requested) for hiking
- Mineral water during the program
- Extra free : Jagir waterfall Tour, Coffee plantation

Excluded :
- Horse in Bromo, lunch / Dinner
- Karangasem Homestay

Wandering at Mount Bromo.

Program and Itinerary :
DAY 1 
- 5.30pm Pick up by blueflame tour staff on Probolinggo Train Station
- 1 - 2 hours driving to Cemoro lawang village Bromo
- Arrival on Hotel, Take a rest for sunrise Program
Sunrise that we have been waiting for so long!
Can't describe how amazing it is!

DAY 2 
- 3am Pick up by Jeep for Sunrise Program
- Go To mountain pananjakan or Kingkong Hill point (you can choose) for sunrise view
- Start Hiking Mountain Pananjakan
- See Sunrise , see caldera of Semeru Tengger
- Back down to jeep
- The jeep goes to Bromo crater
- Cross the sea sands of Bromo by 1km trekking ( Guide provided)
- See Mount Batok, Hindu Temple
- Arrive in Bromo crater
- Start Hiking Bromo up 250 Stairs
- See Panorama of Bromo Crater
- See Panorama of Caldera semeru tengger
- Back Down to Jeep
- The jeep will back to your Hotel
- Breakfast provided by hotel
10 am Prepare Check out Go to MADAKARIPURA WATERFALL
- 1 pm Depart to Banyuwangi
- 5 - 6 Hours driving go to Banyuwangi
- 7 pm arrive on your Hotel (Ketapang Indah Hotel)

Mongolia view in Mount Bromo.

Stay. Don't leave me alone.

- Midnight 12.30am pick up for Ijen Blue fire program
- 1 hour go to Paltuding area
- arrive on paltuding (parking area-start hiking)
- prepare hiking with guide Mr Andy
- Start hiking 3km
- arrive on pos bundar (last post hiking)
- decending to the crater with your guide to close phenomena blue flames
- use your gas mask and torch light
- see the blue flames
- see activities the miners of sulphur
- go to up back to post bundar
- sunrise view, enjoy view of the Ijen acidic lake
- back down to parking area again
- 7 am  arrive on paltuding
- Car back to Banyuwangi
- Stop on Jagir waterfall tours
- Back to Car, go to your hotel
- 9 am Arrive on your Hotel
- Breakfast
- 11.30am prepare ,check out
- Free coconut drinks by Tony at Boom Black Sand Beach
- Go to  homestay near Karangasem train station

You can only view blue flame in 2 places in the world. One of it is at Ijen Crater. Too bad my camera can't capture a good picture in low light mode. Anyway, you have to experience yourself. Despite all obstacles and challenges, and you finally made it to the top to witness this nature wonders. Adventures teach you to grow stronger.
Picture at the World's Largest Acidic lake with pH only 0.5


To ease your planning, We highly recommend this company! 
-        Blueflame Tour Company ( )
-        Person in charged: Tony ( )
# Very efficient in replying whatsapp (+6285235991411), speak english well, responsible and friendly boss! He even offered us free coconut drinks at the beach. During the tour, we were unable to do trekking due to my friend experienced exhaust burn on leg by motorcycle during the trip. Tony then offered us free stay in Karangasem homestay (worth 200k / 4 people ) as compensation. He also prepared tasty cakes for us before hiking Ijen crater, very thoughtful of him!
# A guide with deep sexy voice whom protected us well throughout the hiking! He can speaksEnglish very well too. We feel very safe with him throughout the guide. He encouraged us whenever we felt tired, showed us which place is safe to step on, and even walked back multiple times just to bring each of us on the steep trail at Ijen. Best guide ever!
After thoughts :
I've learnt a lot through this two hikes. I'm not physically well trained (asthma baby) and of course not a diver/ hiker. It was a little challenging for me during the Ijen Crater hike. However, by hook or by crook, I was still able to complete it. So I have to reassure you not to worry much, don't be scared by the other's words, it's not that scary (like what the other people said in the Internet)! There will be ready route for you to hike. You don't have to explore through the woods/ jungle. Maybe you will need hiking stick / bamboo stick (provided by the tour agency) because the hikes are steep and you may need to balance yourself. And it's safe if you follow your tour guide instructions. With the encouragement and help from your team mates, you will conquer it doubtlessly. Me, myself . Growing up till 23 years old, this is One of The Best , Wonderful and Amazing memories I have ever had! I swear! I will highly recommend you to attempt this, because I can guarantee that the happiness and satisfaction blossoms inside your heart will last long.

Stay tuned for more travel diaries.

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