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Perth and Us | Happy 7th

Saturday, 20 August 2016
Someone asked me : Did you both matching outfits before you all depart? Haha The answer is NOOOOOOOO! Because we actually brought our own clothes which we decided to bring as colourful as we can. Hahahaha! My fatty brought his wardrobe to Aus. I'm not joking. He brought his 5 pair of shoes and flats which I wow-ed and I finally knew why he told me he scared he couldn't fit all his belongings into the luggage. Okay. He is cuteeeee haha he just didn't want to be criticised by me on his fashion taste though I'm not that good HAHAHA!
Celebrating our 7th anniversary in Perth this time. I wanted to say thousand Thank you to my fatty who always surprise me with the things I like. He knows I like travelling a lot. But he is just totally opposite of me. He doesn't like to fly here and there haha but no choice, he has to follow me. *Wicked laugh* HAHAHAHA! And I even set up a color tone when we were at Perth. Like what color we should wear today with our limited clothing. Oh yay!
Our Earth Tone #OOTDtravelgoal
Our Farm series
Sky like and funky series
DOTS series
Street style

Okay Happy 7th anniversary and
You have to cut down at least 20kg pleaseeeeee Okay he won't read this as well.

Watch our travel Vlog here :
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Hope you enjoy reading our itinerary.


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