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Perth and Us Day 6

Sunday, 14 August 2016
Day 6
Today, we spend our whole half day at Fremantle. We have 6 locations to go. In this post, we'll be going to 5 locations only. We went to Fremantle prison which is our 6th spot in Day 7. 
Fremantle ranked as the top 10 tourism city nowadays. It has beautiful historical architectures, rich culture and act as one important maritime harbour town.  
Take a wander through Fremantle’s maze of streets, filled with Georgian and Victorian-era architecture, where Fremantle’s independent fashion designers flaunt their unique styles. With its free-spirited ‘anything goes’ attitude, 'Freo' (as it's commonly referred to by locals) is also a mecca for artists from the worlds of music, performing arts, painting, Indigenous art and sculpture. 
#1. Kailis Fish and Chip Restaurant
When we reach B Shed Fremantle, we managed to connect to public wifi. Within 10 minutes walking distance, we reach this place. Kailis features lots of seafood specialties and she is famous with her award winning fish and chip. Oh ya! Don't expect there'll be classy white table cloth and well dressed waiters to serve you. This place is actually messier than what we expected. However, you can choose the best dining spot with the best harbour view. 
#OOTD travel goal is achieved again in front of the beautiful harbour.
Plump and juicy Natural oysters win our hearts. Squeeze some lemon juices to initiate your salivary gland. The oysters are so fresh!!! Traditional fish and chips didn't disappoint us as well. Now I know why they are award-winning. Super duper satisfying meal compared to the cup noodles we were having last night. Hahaha!
Actually, we are having hard time in choosing what to eat from range of fresh prawns, lobsters, crabs , fishes etc. Due to budget problem, so we only pick these two. Hahahaha!
Good food makes good mood.

#2. WA Museum : Ship Wreck Galleries
After finishing our late lunch, we managed to pay a visit to this museum at its last 30minutes before closing. Well. it's a spectacular location for ancient ship parts and history. FREE entrance. 
This is a big WOW! Shrunken ship parts.
Due to time constraint, we don't have much time to go one by one. 

#3. Fremantle market
I have always wanted to go to this place. Fremantle market is comprising of farmer and flea market. It's artsy and beautiful at the same time. But it's much smaller than we expected. Rich culture and happening street views can be witnessed right here. 
Kindly check out their operating hour in Fremantle Market Official Website before you go.

Food Hunt Session
1. Muffle
Okay! This is goooooood! Slightly different from egg waffles. It's much chewy and of course what the contents is the merit point. They have wide selection of the flavours and we pick this. No regret. Worth to try. But the boss doesn't allow to take a picture of the stall. I don't know why. Haha. 

2. What The Bao
This is not much different from what we have at our hometown. We Asian have used to eat bao. But to be honest, it's good. We order pork belly bao. I'm sure it's BAOwerful for western people. 
3. The French Toast
The friendly lady boss from the outback kitchen recommended us to try their French toast. Surprisingly, this is yummy! I like how she matched bacons with banana. They taste good together. 
4. Charcoal Beef Burger
Our first burger at Perth. The burger itself is good but bring no surprises for us. Ok-ok only.
5. Dasukoi Ramen
Awwww! This one!!! The soup base is delicious and the ramen is just right. You must must must try this. This Dasukoi ramen shop is quite hidden. We actually can't find the name of the shop at all until we ask a few Aussies. Heard that this shop is quite famous and always finish selling by 2-3pm. Limited seats. But the ramen is worth to try. 

Market's view. It's so happening here. Feeling so artsy walking through the narrow lanes.

#4. Esplanade Hotel
After feeding our stomach, we head back to Esplanade Hotel for staying one night. Needless to say, this hotel has high good reviews in We really enjoy staying here. Good service.
Our room where we can see dolphin pool from our balcony. Comfortable stay. 
After check in, we walk to the opposite of the hotel.

#5. Esplanade Park 
They are having winter festival. There are crowds of people from here and there. Ice skating, food truck, winter slide activity can be seen here. 
Watching Ferris wheel together.
So we end our Day 6 by wandering around the streets, watching how the Aussies spend their night life and enjoy holding hands walking together. Our Last station for today is a second hand book shop. We spent half an hour here buzzing around. 
Goodnight world.
Fremantle is my favourite city now.

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