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Perth and Us Day 5

Saturday, 13 August 2016
Day 5 
Today, we spend our time at Rottnest island. Early in the morning, we are taking train and depart from Bassedean > Perth train station > Fremantle line. There are ferry service from different departure locations to bring you to Rottnest. We actually book our ferry ticket in which is a package deal including round trip ferry service, one night stay at Karma Rottnest hotel, buffet breakfast and a free bottle of wine. This is super value we got at AUD269 for both of us which is at half price offer already! *Screammmmmm*
They offer tour packages as well such as ferry, bike and snorkelling tour in a package at great offers. So, please kindly visit Rottnest Express to book your ticket and packages. 
Reminder: Bring up your BBQ stuffs if you plan to stay overnight with your buddies there. Basically, there's no night life (relaxing) and you have to plan your own activity. Got it?

Rottnest Island
So we gonna isolate ourselves from the city today and let's go to the ocean. 
So when your train reach Fremantle train station, use your google map / kindly ask the staff to help you to reach B shed. Its about 10minutes walking distance from the train station. We actually don't have any mobile data and we explore ourselves after seeking help from the staff at the train station counter. We reach B-shed at Fremantle in less than 1 hour time.
It's super windy today. I start to feel my skin are drying up and lips start to crack. Argggg! Lip balm!
This is the Rottnest express. So comfortable and nice. I was jumping here and there to take pictures before the most terrible moment came! 
Nice, right? The seats are comfortable and the Rottos are even more excited than us. The most horrible and terrible moment starts once we depart. 
Today is a high wind day. The ferry rocks back and forth like we are sitting in the roller coaster / pirate ship! It's like a theme park coaster ride and I get really really severe sea sick. I got two sick bags from the Rotto and I had all of my stomach contents out in these two bags! OH MY GOSHHHH. I just want to get out from that ship right now! Imagine its a double deck ship and we are sitting at the upper floor. We can see how the endless big waves hit on the ship repeatedly and I sit actually sit near to the windows. I witness how the huge waves covering up my window view and I'm like under the sea now. I don't know how the lower floor passengers feel : They must be feeling like sitting in a submarine. For one moment, I pray really hard and I thought I will die shrinking into the ocean. Haha! However, Rottnest express is a well run safe ferry service anyway. It's just a bit unlucky that we went on a windy day. 
After 40minutes being tortured by the ocean waves, we arrive safely. I swear I barely stand up and walk properly. Fatty is the one holding my waist and carrying 2 big bags himself all the way we arrived till the visitor centre. I can only see the things around me spinning round and round. Poor shin! Haizzz! 
We decided to check in first though the check in time is 2pm. Don't worry, you won't get extra charged as long as the room is not occupied, you are welcomed for early check in. 
So this is our room. Oh goshhhhh it's so spacious! I was surprised when it has 3 beds in the room actually. So, if you're coming in a batch of people, it's really worth. The room appears a little old for me but still in good maintenance. Balcony view is just nice. How relaxing it is?!
Our free bottle. 
So after resting for a while and I'm able to walk by myself, we quickly go for the island tour. Initially, we plan to cycle but I'm still too weak to resist the strong wind. Haha poor me! So we hop in to the bus tour. AUD 20 per adult. And you can actually stop at any stations you want and hop into the next bus. Its like about 20minutes between each bus ride. 
I'm seriously falling in love with this place! 
I cannot recommend Rottnest island enough. Gonna come back one day soon for snorkelling and diving. It's too beautiful to picture. Too bad there's not many people snorkeling during winter time.
No filter is needed. The tones of amazing blue is holding my heart tight. 
Let the photos speak.
Paradise found with my love. 
Puffy cheeks wanna hug the ocean. How good if I can stay here forever?
We managed to go a few bays. I personally like the Little Salmon Bay. Because of time constraint, we can only select a few stations to go. And I pick the Little Salmon Bay as our first stop because I was hungry that moment. I never know that beach is so picturesque. And it's like so unreal as you're living so close to the nature and the ocean. I remember every single view deep in my heart.
 This is so heavenly breathtaking. 
Oh hi! Meet this little buddy : Quokka! 
Another species of kangaroo. Looks like a big rat right? Hahaha!
Quokka cannot enter! Haha the sign is so cute!
Hunt for some food at the store. 
Okay. Because we don't have much food left. We actually eat cup noodles for that night. Pity us. Haha and we never forget to hunt some desserts at the store. Cookie crumble is really nice to try! We don't have them in M'sia. 

After a good night sleep, we wake up early to have our buffet breakfast. Good service though. 
We both decided to explore further early in the morning. I actually plan to swim in the sea to challenge my body limit. Haha I even wear my bikinis inside. 
Okay well. We finally reach the nearest beach in 40minutes walking. I take off my top and its actually not that cold as I expect. Somehow, it's too windy until I'm not courageous enough to take off my pants. Haha so the pictures become this weird. 
Windy gloomy morning.
Take picture with the light house. 
Mask rider cover her face with hair.
I'm gonna miss this heavenly island. We head over to Fremantle later on. Luckily, I'm no longer having sea sick. It's calm when we are on our way back. 

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