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Perth and Us Day 4

Saturday, 13 August 2016
Day 4 
It's the 4th day! Time flies! We hop around the Perth city the whole day.
We actually went to 6 spots today. Check them out!
Thank you Yeewen and her friend for joining us in the half of the day. 
Breakfast comes first before everything. Nancy brought us to the nearby store to have our Big Breakfast! Oh yeayyyyy! Can't stop myself from eating these. Seriously, western people are really experienced in preparing their first meal of the day though it's simple. 
BB is really good at every places of Perth. Especially the bacon!!! The textures and layers are killing me softly. SO GOOOOOOD! But seriously, I don't like their sausage! Too salty!
Good day starts with scrumptious meal!
Oh yayyyy! The merit point is these cutie jam/ butter ! Variety of choices and flavors. Cammy said Vegemite is one of the fav among Perth people. You can try! A bit salty. 
Nancy told us this little store is quite famous among the locals. See the crowd and you'll know. Their coffee are good too.
A picture with Aunt Nancy. 

1. Northbridge, William street 
So, we head over to Northbridge, William street ! 
This is the shop I have to ensure you include in your itinerary! Guarantee you MUST VISIT esp for ladies! Basically, its like a wholesale store selling authentic Australia products especially cream products / skin care / cosmetic / nougats! Truly one stop centre for you to solve your souvenir problems. Thinking of what to buy for this uncle, that aunty, daddy mommy? Come here! This is operated by China people so don't worry about communication problems if you're facing.
Nahhhhhhh! This one! Pure Blue (Australian Natural products specialist). It's a really small store so make sure you recognise the outlook.
They offer affordable prices compared to those we have went to. For those Jurlique / L'occitane products lover, you will be excited by the prices at this shop. Nancy told us this is the cheapest store in the city. Yes! The more you buy, the lower the unit price. They give free gifts as well. 
Basically, you can find all these brands here. Small but complete. 

2. Kings Park
So Nancy dropped us here. We start out one day city hopping by exploring on our own. 
Kings Park is one of the largest and most beautiful inner city park of the world. 
We take GREEN CAT bus to reach here. Check with your bus driver before you hop in. Don't be shy to ask , they are helpful and friendly.
Shade of the trees.
Picture with the skyline of Perth city.
How gorgeous. You can see picnics everywhere. It's a perfect place for you to admire the serenity. 
It's cozy to walk in the windy sunny day.
Picture with the war memorial. 
It's really big! I think you can't even finish walking around even you are spending half day here. Oh ya! Aussies are playing Pokemon Go at this park. I heard they have lots of poke stop here! Haha!

3. Blue Boat House / Crawley Edge Boatshed
Next, we are heading to this place! Oh yayyyyyy! My dream spot to go!!! I was really really excited! I wanted to go this place so much even when I was dreaming. You know why, I was so mesmerised by all the Instagram pictures taken by the tourists. This place look so dreamy and yes it is all in BLUEEEEEEEE. The sky is blue, the ocean is blue and blue is always my fav colour. So basically what we can do over there is only photo shooting. It's all about picture, picture and picture. 
But what surprised me was this boat house is actually located right next to the road. Hmmm...
Truly instagram-worthy!
We pose until the sun gets down. Hahaha luckily there's not many people that time.
Finally, my craving is fixed!
To be honest, what you can do is only taking picture at this place. Nothing more! Haha! 
Reminder for you : Make sure you know what to pose first before it's your turn! There'll be tonnes of tourists queueing up for a shot here. So, you better pose properly once you grab that golden chance. Let's don't take too long in taking pictures. Yay you know that we are sharing this spot for a good picture, right? Let's be more considerate together. Haha!

4. Perth city - Hay St / Murray St
Two main shopping malls at CBD are Hay / Murray shopping mall. They have lots of specialty store and its located at busy traffic zone. You can find ample of eateries, clothes etc here. It's worth to hop around and have a look at these beautiful architectures. 
Streets view.

5. London Court
Before I was here, I was thinking London Court is a real law court for those legal disputes to be adjudicated here. I was so shallow and when my friend told me it wasn't actually. I was like what?!!! It's not?!!?  *Face palm* In fact, it's an open roofed shopping arcade which is ranked as one of the best loved heritage listed shopping heaven especially for tourists. They have lots of cute little gifts here. It's a place to hunt for souvenirs as well. 
This is the London Court. I really like this building. 
And we enter this London court cafe. The food are really attractive and we are so hungry because we haven't took our lunch. We can't resist anymore. The boss is friendly and serve us well. The ambiance is cozy and comfy as well.
After round of discussions, 4 of us order these. Best of the day : New York cheese cake is love!!! This is so good and we are so happy because we chose the right dessert. But Red velvet cake is a Big NO NO. 
From the left : Yee wen and her friend (Both are having working holidays in Aus) Bravo 2 brave girls. Fatty is at the most right. We have some desserts here to make sure we are energised to back home.

6. Water Town
Which is known as Harbour town as well. You can hunt all the best brands at the best prices! Basically you can have all great deals for those branded items which will drive all ladies crazy on Big Sales! So plan your time well, you will over immerse in this  shopping heaven!
View their official website Water Town Brand Outlet
Reached home and we have Nancy's Salmon Combo set as our dinner! Da yummmmmmm! And I guess I have gained at least 3kg for this meal. Haha!

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