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Perth and Us Day 3

Saturday, 13 August 2016
Day 3
Basically, we don't spend much except the entrance ticket at Caversham wildlife park and dinner. If you're on a budget trip, please prepare some food that can satisfy your hunger as you'll be going to spend the whole day here. Swan Valley is the oldest WA's wine growing region with restaurants, cafes, wineries, breweries and wares. They actually offer lots of FREE tester / samples for the tourists. You can have free tasting sessions from one station to another. Though it's small amount, it definitely save you lots of cost. Haha! Interesting and informative tour around Swan valley.

So here is our itinerary :
Caversham wildlife park > The Margaret River Chocolate Co > Providore > Lancaster Wines > Bell's Rapid > House of Honey > Mondo Nougat > The Chocolate Company > Sinabro (North bridge) > Bell's Tower > Elizabeth Quay

Caversham Wildlife Park
I would highly recommend you to visit this place as you can experience super close up by hand feeding , touching and take picture with the kangaroos and enjoy the farm shows which is quite interesting and suitable for all ages.  We get a chance to see koalas and wombats as well. Overall, its worth to visit as this park is in good cleanliness and the staffs are friendly and enthusiastic. 
So, here we are. AUD 27 per adult. 
And we got this schedule. Let's check where should we go first. 
As soon as we walk in, I was already excited to go to the feeding zone. We have this bunch of kangaroos hopping around. To be honest, there are plenty of shits and just beware don't step on them. These lazy bones are waiting us to feed them and they are really cuteeee! My very first time seeing kangaroos after years watching them from discovery channels. Haha! 
Deng deng deng deng! Nahhhhh Kangaroos arre running away from him. 
White kangaroos are rare so yeahhh we have them here too!
One shot please don't run laaaaaa!
Rainbow parrot. 
Ghost face. 
Oh hi pinky!
Queue up to take a picture with wombat. 
Actually, I have no idea about what's wombat. He looks so odd to me like a combination of fatty and shorty. After google it, I just know they are marsupials that are native to Australia. 
We have Mr koala bear with us. He is so huge in real life. I was all the time imagining koala bear is very very very small ! Maybe because people always give me small koala bear as souvenir so I always misconcept koala bear is actually tiny. We are allowed to take picture and touch them gently.
He looks at me! Oh yeay! This shot would be precious because koala wakes up only 6 hours per day. How lazy huh? Haha! I'm quite lucky to have one shot with this-barely-open-eyes-Mr Koala.
Us with the shy one. 
If you follow my snapchat, you'll definitely know how stupid I was when instructing the kangaroos to look at the camera. But this one is the obedient one. Haha! Good boy!
You are allowed to feed the kangaroos in the compound. They provide a big bin of food to let you feed them. Endless joy playing around with the kangaroos and joeys. Well spent half day at this park.
Kindly visit Caversham Wildlife Park Official Website for more info.

Swan Valley
It's indeed 'The Valley of Taste' . Let's start our journey from station to station. You can always get the map from the visitor centre. You actually can't finish every stations in one day. So we pick the locations selectively. We went to 7 Locations at Swan Valley.

#1. The Margaret River Chocolate Co
Our first station. 
What makes us excited is the FREE chocolates! Yes! It's free! You can get as much as you want here! There are 3 big bowls of round chocos right at the entrance and it's FREE !!! Kids are queueing up round by round after getting full grip of chocolates. 
We buy an ice cream because it's too tempting. But it tastes normal. 
More info please visit : Chocolate Factory

#2. Providore
Oh! This is just next to the Margaret River chocolate Co. It's a gourmet shop. It's actually a tasting centre showcase award winning wines, liquors, home made jams, sauces and spices. 
FREE to try. No worries!
Kindly visit their Providore Official Website
#3. Lancaster Wines
Breath taking scene!
Lovely outdoor setting. This is so picturesque! Ain't it?
Daniel, Xavier and Cammy.
The handsome bartender introduces us some of the red wines. Again! FREE to taste. 
Okay. Drinker will like this. I can't even finish this small amount. Haha! But it definitely warms me up. I like the taste anyway but it's a bit strong for me.
FREE cheese to taste. This little piece is spicy flavour. My first try of spicy cheese and its really special!
Walking around the little cozy valley and enjoy how the winter breeze whispering into our ears and caressing our cheeks. Come and get yourself enjoying their premium wines and local cheese. We really really enjoy ourselves in the good weather and atmosphere. Blue skyline and the greeneries cheer up our mood easily!

#4. Bell's Rapid (Walk trails)
Daniel told us this is where the Swan River meets the North part of Swan Valley. 
It's like finally I'm seeing mud color like water in Perth. Fancy a swim? No kidding! Aussie family is having their picnic and the kids are playing in this rapid flow water. Naked! Yes! Naked! It's really cold. I put my finger in just to feel the temperature and I was like 'Okaayyyyy...I better don't go near this place'! 
Soap bubbles like water. Nature is so cuteeee.
Can't even open our eyes and thank you to one of the Aussie uncle volunteered to take this shot for us.
Oh yeay! Happy kids are happy!
I gain so much inner peace watching how the water flows. The view is gorgeous and I can't describe it using words.

#5. House Of Honey
So, we are now at our next station : House of Honey! We get free tester again at this place! Yeahoooo! There are so many types of honey and I can't remember how it tastes like. But Cammy told me Karri honey is really good. 
Honey candies! But it's a bit hard to bite for me.

#6. Mondo Nougat
Mondo nougat is simply made up of almonds, honey , eggs and secret ingredients. This shop has really high review.
They sell popcorns as well.
Soft nougats in energy bar !
Good place to enjoy your nougats and cup of coffee. We order coffee here as well.

#7. Chocolate Company
Back to my fav places because of chocolates!
Wowwwwwwwww! Endless chocolate supply! I think I wanna stay here!
Pretty lady spotted right at the counter!
FREE again! Okay to be honest! Chocolate pretzel wins!
Bricks of chocolate dragon! I wonder how many chocolates they had used up?
Oh yeay! This one is highly recommended!

Sinabro (North bridge)
One of Cammy's fav Korean restaurant. It's operated by Korean. So, yes we are here for dinner after the whole day of tiredness. Korean food is one of my biggest craving when I'm in Perth. I don't know why but I need hot soup to warm my little stomach! Anyeonghasengyeonnnnnnnn!
Reasonable prices! Almost same in M'sia. 
BBQ platter of beef and chicken. Their BBQ stuffs are good. 
Korean pancake. This is good with the sauce.
All the side dishes! But you have to pay if you wanna refill.
Hot pot is definitely the hottest pick during winter. My first time eating baked red beans in the hot Kimchi soup. 
Baby Xavier is excited !
The shop has a book corner. Pretty cool huh?

Bell's Tower
Needless to explain. This is symbolic building in Perth. Because it's late. I didn't managed to get into it but from outside. Still amazing. You can actually pay around AUD 15 to experience sound and spectacle of one of the most historic rings in the world. I heard that they will brief you a history of the bell and art of bell ringing. 
Kindly Visit this site to know more about ticket purchasing : The Bell Tower Website

Elizabeth Quay
The landmark waterfront project which said to reconnect with the Swan River. Night view is impressive. You can take as much pictures as you want. There are still bunch of Aussies playing Pokemon Go game. But it's really cold walking around. 


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