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Perth and Us Day 2

Thursday, 11 August 2016
Day 2 
Good morning and let's get excited ! Here's our plan. 
Little reminder for you : 
1. Today's itinerary can only be achieved by car / you can take up tour package (Google it). There are a lot of tour packages available but make sure you read the reviews first before you make up your mind. I would like to suggest if you can have your own car ride, it would be best as you can save a lot. Because I personally feel these locations don't need any tour guides

2. Plan your journey wisely. It takes up around one hour from one point to another point. If you are staying in the city, the furthest location will be The Pinnacles Desert. At last, we didn't managed to visit to Yanchep National Park due to time constraint. We reach there around 4pm so we cancelled the plan. 

3. Check the operating hour before you plan them. Bear in mind that the winter night approaches around 5 pm. So remember to consider will the day/ night affect your photo taking session.

4. Tips to save money : Bring your own food along the journey. Barbecue would be a great idea.  

Initially we plan to go to Yanchep as our first destination. However, at last we plan to go to the furthest point first and coming back accordingly. The road trip is really time-consuming as we depart from Caversham area. It took almost 3 hours plus to reach The Pinnacles.

The Pinnacles Dessert 
I would say The pinnacles desert is a must-visit place if you love unique landscape and natural history. Road trip is definitely fun because the road is not straight. Hahahaha!

One of the most satisfying picture which reflects the yellow desert to the blue sky. Shades of nature is amazing!
Entrance to the Pinnacles Desert. The entrance fee is based on car entry which is AUD12 per vehicle. 
So we gonna start driving along the Pinnacles loop drive.
Don't worry it's just 4 km circular track which the road is marked out by the small rocks along the both side of the road. Pretty cool huh? *Excited* You can stop wherever you want along the drive where you think you might capture the best face of the desert. But make sure you don't block the road. But Aussies don't do honking anyway. Hahahaha. 
Wild flowers catch my sight. 
I am just wondering how do these stone pillars rising up from the sand? They are really a huge number. 
Group picture. Cold morning in desert land. Oh ya! We never bring a stand so we put in on one of the huge stone and put timer. Still good angle, right? Haha!
Be amazed by the different stone posers. I wonder how many of them in total.
#OOTD shot is one of our travel goals. Haha! I'm still wearing 4 layer of clothes. So, I'm not getting fatter!!! It's because of the clothes. Okay I'm making excuses. *Face palm*!
When the signboard said :'Don't climb the pinnacles' Everyone is still doing that. Hahaha Daniel too! Who cares. Oops!
Our Baby Xavier is having fun time himself because it's his first time being here too. 
There are a number of visitors today. Find a good shooting spot is important to avoid other tourists . 
The gallery.
Basically, we spent half an hour here to know more about the natural history.
There are explaination using words, pictures, recordings and videos.
Let's move to another destination. Yeayyyy!
Hi Baby Xavier!

Lancelin Dunes
On our way to Lancelin Dunes, We stop by Lancelin Beach to have our lunch done. 
Oh yeahhhhhh! Barbecue time!!! So excited!
There are lot of BBQ shelters available along the beach side. So convenient. Their fav hobby is gathering and BBQ together. Life is life, so relaxing!
Wowwww! You see! Well prepared stuffs that I din't even know they have brought so much!
Beef! Cammy is blaming Daniel for overcook a little bit. Haha! So cute of this pair!
Pork patty and mushroom.
Sausagessssssssss YUM!
After feeding our stomach, we walked to the beach side to have a look. Yesssss, stunning view as we expected. The color of the waves!
My fav poser. 
Good times. 
So we depart to Lancelin sand dunes for sand boarding. The highlight activity of the day! Oh ya! You can always get your board along the way to Lancelin even at the entrance. Tips for you! Check your Groupon deal : We got half price offer for renting the sand board. So check out these great deals before you go. Budget ma!
Daniel's jeep is the coolest prop ever! I'm a poser as well. Hahaha!
Here we start some exercises playing wth sand. For the very first time, I feel that sand is entertaining. 
Its a huge land fill with soft and white sands. It's really not easy to do sand boarding. You take 10 seconds to enjoy the fun and you take 10 minutes to climb back to the point where you start sliding down. No joking! I eat sand in my first few attempts. Haha! Call me sand-eater!
The hybrid.
Baby Xavier was so nervous when his Daddy sliding down the slope. He was shouting "NO NO NO!" trying to stop his Dad. Hahaha He got frustrated afterwards when everyone was playing and he was left there in panic. Soon, he understood its safe to play. Awww Such a lovely boy.
Men's battle.
We actually try different slopes and we get different outcomes. The steeper, the funnier!
For a day of adventures and adrenaline rush, please come to this place! Fun and yet tiring. Can slim down for sure. Haha! 

Yanchep National Park
We didn't managed to go to this place. I think we play too much in sand boarding. It's a famous place for caving and bushwalking in the scenic views. You can check it out online if you're interested. 
Anyway, we head back to our home for a good rest and of course Home cook dinner. 

I was too hungry and forgot to take the pictures of our dinner. This is our dessert : Cheesy scones with berries jam (Home made) after a heart warming meals. Da yum!

Oh yea! Sleep tight &

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