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Perth and Us Day 1

Thursday, 11 August 2016
Day 1 
I can't describe how excited I was ! It was my first time to be in a winter country!
To be honest, I have underestimated the weather. I really didn't know it could be this cold! 12 degree ! It was 12 degree only when we landed at the airport!!! I was wearing T shirt, thin jacket and a pair of jeans. I was trembling until not able to lift up my camera. I was like freezing I couldn't even move. It was too cold for a person who used to live in the tropical rainforest. 
Luckily, Cammy Jiejie (Cammy) and Aunty Nancy (Nancy) came to pick us up in 15 minutes time. Freezing in the cold wind, I was glad I was still able to make a move when they arrived. Oh yea! We straight away go to IGA (a local grocery store) to hunt for some cooking materials before heading back to her house. Grocery shopping is really fun here!

Tonight we are going for only one place which is : Hillarys Boat Harbour
Yes it's a nice location with variety of shops, restaurants, bars overlooking the harbour. 
Hillarys Boat Harbour

We went to Zeno's Cafe to have our dinner. 

Zeno's Cafe. They serve good food. Our first meal at Perth and we enjoyed our dining here.

The kitchen closes quite early, Kindly check out the operating hours before you go.

Family-friendly ambiance.

So here we have Crunchy Garlic bread. Dip them into Chilli mussels sauce makes the best taste! 
Seafood platter which is really huge portion. 
Peri peri chicken wings / Lemon pepper Calamari / Kilpatrick Oysters
This is my first time having Kilpatrick oysters which they sprinkle Worcestershire sauce over oysters. Top with bacons and grill the half open oysters on the rock salt until bacons are crispy. Really thumbs up! Signature dish : Chilli Mussels!

Chilli Mussels which are really impressive.

Look at the flesh! Super rich and juicy. 

And this is the dessert. Heavy cheesy taste. But I forgot the name of the cake already. 

Cocktails : Mango and strawberry daiquiries. It's strong but I'm not a drinker somehow. Hahaha

And this kid has a lot of fats to keep himself warm. Don't worry. Hahaha! 

You can see puff of white vapors coming out from the mouth when we walk along the bridge.

Wishing well of dolphins. 

Oh yeaaaa! Dessert Time!

This is the famous Chocolateria San Churro!
Oh yea! So we order these. Churros serve with white chocolate and dark chocolate sauce together. And we have this combo of Chocolate Tapas as well. 

This  is served with chocolate dipped strawberries, mini funnel cake, mini cinnamon churros, deep fried chocolate truffles, and other chocolate delights. 
Basically, it's a relaxing night with them. We feel appreciated hosting by them. And we start to fall in love with this city. From where we have landed, you can see lots of winter plants and wild flowers and there is no honking along the road! Well, I feel good. It's time to deal with Baby Xavier because we look strange to him and this scared him away. Haha! Well, half day spent wisely.

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