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New chapter by The Owl's Cafe | Trio's Date

Sunday, 24 April 2016
Today's story | New Chapter by The Owl's Cafe
Another good cafe to share with. Mark this down to have your weekend date.
Food : 8/10 (Thumb up for waffles)
They serve variety of food : main meals, beverages . coffee and desserts. Because we just ordered waffles so the 8/10 was evaluated based on waffles. To be honest, these two waffles really cheered up our mood. Crispy outer layer with inner fluffiness made a good bite. Been craving for Rebecca's waffle long time ago and she really didn't disappoint us. :) Topped up with blueberries, strawberries and bananas, these fresh fruits added up the joyful appearance of the dish. Earl grey ice cream is centered, taste like creamy/ slight sweetness tea and rich. Flavorsome. Midori' waffle was our second pick. Matcha based waffle , topped with sesame ice cream and coconut ice cream and red bean cream. Mandarin orange slices were scattered around the dish. Sesame was good but coconut wasn't. Too sweet to say. But both were good and I personally prefer to date with Rebecca. :)
Today's companion.
Ambiance : 9/10 (Awesome)
Seems like lot of students having their tea time here / dating with books | coffee. Spacious with sunlight-passing-through -windows made the environment clean and clear. Seats are more than enough. Wooden tables, dried flowers, hanging white lights and pillows, these small details make it cozy and comfy. 
Us | Roomies
Service : 7/10 (Average)
Waiter and waitress are friendly. They serve the menu when you were in. But it was a busy afternoon when were there. Customers were in and out all the time. 
Cravings fixed for trio's date. :)

 New chapter by The Owl's Cafe
Business hour : 10a.m. -7p.m.


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