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Wild sheep chase | Sweetday

Saturday, 27 February 2016
Hey! It's weekend again. Today I'm going to bring you to this little corner which had been overly welcomed by crowds recently. It's a super late #throwbackpost. Of Little talks and little date, you can hanging out at Wild Sheep Chase. To be honest, this cafe is worth coming back. :)
Here you go. Enjoy the photos and the music. 
Food : 8/10 (Good)
They have a very nice menu like a story book. Read the lines and you will find that the founder is interesting. Claim  your Double happiness here if you are a sweet tooth too. It claims that it's the first M'sia cafe which serve souffles ( Google it, it's a French dessert ). And they only serve desserts, lite bites and beverages. Their desserts are baked to order. Be patient for your savory dishes like around 20-30 mins before it's served. 
Vanilla souffles   (RM17)
It's served with osmanthus maple syrup and honeydew sorbet. Fluffy bites and fragrance of maple syrup. Heaven like combination!
This shouldn't be missed if you are a typical choco lover like me. Here you are : Honestly devillish (RM22) . Slice open the double layered texture chocolate cake, its thick, hot and heart melting chocolate flowing out peacefully. Now scoop your vanilla ice cream and eat, How sinful it is! Oh ya... please excuse me if I'm licking my plate clean. =P
Ambiance : 9/10 (Awesome)
I always like minimalism concept. This cafe is in simple and clean design with white theme. As we say,  White is the new black. It's true that when this empty space is filled with fragrance of flowers, white walls, wooden furniture, shining light bulbs, racks of book and that's welcoming enough. Comfort and home like corner for cafe hoppers. 

Wild sheep chase 
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Business hour : 12noon - 8pm


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  1. I love chocolates,I love brownies,I like ice cream,I'm obsessed with that environment..Its so simple.I'm totally loving this post.Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting