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KOTA | When Francis Meets Rempah

Sunday, 21 February 2016
Hi all. Here is the throwback to Valentine's celebration. We went to this place KOTA - When Francis Meets Rempah, a hidden gem in Fort Cornwallis. I shall highly recommend you to visit this restaurant. We have had a really pleasure dining experience at this beautiful place which combines local food into a fusion style. 

Ambiance : 8/10 (Good)
Natural sunlight shines through the glass window brightens up the atmosphere of the restaurant. Its white wall and pillars with the interior setting up is kind of minimalism and pleasingly graceful and classy. 

Service : 7/10 (Good)
Waiters and waitress dress up properly and they are friendly in serving the customers. The waitress explained to us every dishes when she served us about what are the contents they have used and how they cook and how it should be taste . Pretty satisfied with their professionalism.
 The menu is simple and classic. And trust me. The food are worth the price. 
They serve the crispy "keropok" placed on piece of banana leaf before they serve your orders.
 Food : 9/10
Two thumbs up for the creativity!

Honeydew   RM16
Honeydew / Sago / Cream
Strong honeydew taste and smooth blended. 
 Nyonya   RM25
Butterfly Pea Flower / Coconut Rice / Achar / Otak-Otak
With nyonya achar match with Rendang chicken and crispy ginger thin slices as toppings and otak otak (Nyonya fish custard) as the base sandwiched with blue coconut rice, the taste is HEAVENNNNNNNN! Seriously , we have no idea how traditional local food can be beautifully setting up by fusion of spices. Creative and impressive.  
Satay    RM25
Spices / Peanut / Brown sugar / Lemongrass / Ginger / Rice / Turmeric / Chicken
5 rice cubes are served nicely. Satay can be styled up this way!!! Can you believe it? Thick and favorable peanut satay sauce flooding all over the rice cube with chicken wrappings. Finger licking good!!! Traditional satay is modernized, highly recommended!
Laksa   RM25
Kesom / Cucumber / Pineapple / Mint / Mackerel / Galangal / Rice Paper
I'm not very sure what are the spices content when I read through the menu. But Laksa is always my favorite local food. They style it up in 2 different ways. One is Fried version. Laksa noodles are wrapped with thin crispy-crunchy bee-hoon like thingy and with cucumber and spices inside. It is served with thick laksa paste. While another version : the laksa noodles are wrapped in rice paper with the spices and you have to dip the small rolls into the laksa soup. Laksa soup has thick contents and really taste good with favorable base. They have rojak in the middle of the dishes with cucumber and pomegranate. Oh ya! Laksa is famous local food with  fishy tasting soup, so beware if its not your thing. 
  With Rice paper wrappers.
Fried version.
Laksa soup.
 Creme Brulee   RM19
Cream / Egg / Pandan / Gula Melaka / Black glutinous rice
Our desserts go to this 3 flavored Creme Brulee. I like the egg one because it has hidden surprise at the base of the small bowl - Black glutinous rice! Pandan and gula melaka is really strong taste. But the portion is quite small. Hahahaha! Pretty suitable for the sweet tooth! High sugar content!
 Pandan version.
 Egg version.
Nahhhhhhhh! This one!
 Gula Melaka version.
 Have had an impressive dining experience here. Pay a visit if you enjoy reading this post. =)
Celebrating our 7th Valentine's Day. Maybe because we don't have an anniversary date so this day could be a little meaningful for us. Growing up and old with him. 

KOTA - When Francis Meets Rempah
Jalam Tun Syed Sheh Barakbah, Georgetown, Penang.

XOXO! Hope you enjoy reading. Have a fruitful week!


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  1. What a fruitful post. Amazing pictures and food. Apart from each and everything, I loved the skirt which she's wearing. So adorable and decent. Nice post.