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Let's be the Jam & Kaya

Wednesday, 11 November 2015
Jam & Kaya are good friends, aren't they?

Hello. It's me! 
For your information, I'm currently in Year 4 and of course this year is even even even busier and packed. Don't worry! I have survived 2 months plus so far. Since I was in Year 3, The most hatred term that I really don't feel like using it until now is still: FTA (Fail To Attend). It means our patients couldn't make to the appointments that we have scratched up our head to arrange and it also means you will be having SSL (syok-sendiri-learning) at that 3 hours time. Definitely lower down your whole-day mood if you have one FTA on that particular clinical days, 
Congratulations! FTA still wins the first place *rolled eyes* 

But thanks to all our Pediatrics patients FTA and we had a reasonable excuse to hop out during clinical times. We went to this place : Jam & Kaya Cafe. It actually exists quite some time and it has been listed in one of the must-go-cafe in Klang Valley. But it's not so easy to find because this cafe hides inside PJ Palms Sport Center. You will see a large swimming pool when you walk in. This hidden gemstone is just right opposite of the pool.  To be honest, if you are an Instagram freak like me, I would highly recommend you to visit this little cozy cafe. Every little corner of it shows how the owners poured their heart in bringing a little sense of comfy to their customers while having their meals. Truly Instagram-worthy spot.

Now move on to the food part. Basically like the other's cafe, it features breakfast, brunch, cake, pastries and coffee / beverages. However, Pancakes won my Double-Thumbs-UP ! We actually ordered a lot and I found that dishes with pancakes are really good to try. Don't worry, I'm not an extreme pancake lover, but theirs are good. Farmer's pancake, Egg Royale and their signature Jam & Kaya Pancake won the most votes among us. 

Pictures with my beloved group F mates is a must. Picture in pairs are our clinical pairs. We are cute, ain't we? Hahahahaha. This bunch was formed since my Year 1 and we were fated to be in the same group. Oh ya! #Fabulous is our group motto. 

Jam & Kaya Cafe
Lorong Sultan , Seksyen 52,
46200, KL, Selangor , M'sia.
10am-10pm daily

P/S : Hope you like my new styles of writing. As I would like to refurnish my little blog and brush up my photography skills. So maybe add on a little music player won't be too bad, right? I'm hoping it cheers up your mood while reading my words. 
Anyway, Thanks for your reading! Come back often. XOXO 

8 comments on "Let's be the Jam & Kaya "
  1. I was actually loading your page and I went to manage my stuff in my room and heard of the music of your playlist and it is kinda brighten my mood even thou my room is a mess right now. love the new atmosphere here , will definitely come back often!xoxo

    1. Thankyou girl !!! keep it up in your blogging too ! Just a piece of habit and right space to voice out our mood HAHA =P

  2. I miss the farmer's pancake T.T

  3. Your photography skill improved a lot!! those foodfies look mouth-watering xoxo

    1. HAHAHAHA I have to tell you that I only used Iphone =P

  4. when wanna bring me go? fishy

    1. Hahahahahahah Always wanted! But we got no right timing =(