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Grey Sky Morning

Thursday, 26 November 2015
Grey Sky Morning. Not grey mood.

Hey! I'm back. Update in a fortnight is the best what I can do now. #sufferinghecticweek
We hop into this easy-going and classy space : GREY SKY MORNING. 
Urban-like industrial design makes us feel excited and #hipster ! Haha. Well. here's not much.
Coffee and cakes could perfectly sum up the cafe hopping. It's an instagrammable space as well so it would be perfect for instagram freak. Me and Bella (my clinical dude) are in love with the ambiance. White daisy on each wooden table blissfully light up the mood.
Salted caramel cake is good, you can have a try but I'm not sure do they provide that all the time (heard that supplier is the same as Rekindle cafe SS2) . However,  the purplish grape cake makes me feel-like-wanna-claim-back-my-money. Too much sugary and I can only taste sweet. =( 
Coffee is good. 
Seriously, it's truly an ideal place to bring you lappy and spend the whole day with cup of flatwhite. 
Enjoy your caffeine time HERE

If you like ..........
Natural sunlight. Good coffee. 


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