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Lovely Date at 2F+ Coffee by Yellow House

Friday, 7 August 2015
Hello peeps! I'm back. Will be talking about my very first outing after fly back from Sarawak in July.
Today, let's go to 2F+ Coffee by Yellow House. We pick this after a long discussion.
2F+ stands for second floor. We heard that the very first version of this coffee shop located at second floor. I thought it's just a small traditional wooden house but it surprised us when we entered.
Operation hours is clear to be seen.
Well. This wall is a merit at the smoking area of the shop. My reaction when I first seeing this wall : I must take a picha with it !
I have to say : The ambiance is good. Cozy and comfy. Every angles from this shop is perfect and rich.
Recommend you to drop by for a enjoyable afternoon. The environment is good for coffee and tea break, Harmonious and friendliness. 

The theme for the shoots below is " Interact with your electronic gadget " LOL hahahaha
Zee and me.
Woan and Jac.

Food porn :
Bagel love is one of our choice. The portion is kind of big. Bacon and eggs are sandwiched between bagels and tastes just nice for us. I mean the food quality is standard. Not suprisingly, it tastes just the same like other cafes can do.
Salmon stick. Too small portion to entertain the ladies. 
And this tastes nice for me. Banana kick is topped with bananas, almond slices, strawberry and chocolate ice cream. To be honest, I love waffles and this is appetizing to me. 
What teens always do >>> FEED THE CAMERA FIRST. Well, don't learn! *Bad habit* hahahaha
You know right? What to do after fulfilling stomach? Nehhhhhhh~ Gossip!!! So I say, girls gossip time is never enough. Endless updates and stories from us to be shared because Girls being girls.
Story teller is now at the climax part. Hahahahaha!
Fail candid shots.
#CLBUM gathering is perfect now. XOXO Thanks ladies for making my day!


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  1. nice photos and nice cafe! :)