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[DIY tutorial] Do your own Valentine's Funky Card

Monday, 9 February 2015
Some of you might be loving (or love to hate) 14th Feb because this day you gonna scratch your brain hard to come out with some ideas for the Valentine's Day. Wookay! Time to train your brain to think how to prepare surprises. HaaHaaHaa I'm here with some handmade card ideas and hope you get inspired from my crafts and create your own! =P
I guess you have Pokemon balls because you caught my heart.
  You are my POO (pool) of love.
I like you as much as Wifi. ( Should be "as much as FREE WIFI" )
Personally like this the most! Cause I'm Internet addict!
Bee (bee) my Valentine! 
 Baby you light up my world like nobody else by One direction <What makes you beautiful>
Draw your tungsten filament in a love shaped! That's lovely!
Boy : " Whale (will) you be my valentine? "
Girl : " I whale (will) ! "
If you are shy to express, let the whales do. =P
It's true that I need You.
 I'd shave legs for you.
 Probably the bravest effort for those hairy girls just because wanna dress up the best for the other half. HaaHaaHaa!!!
 I hope I'm the first and last of yours.
 Yes! You are my type !
 I only have eyes for you.
Heyyyyy please be touched =P
I hope you know CPR because you took my breath away.

Of course not just the cover of the card, try add on your own messages and things you wanna express inside. Nothing is lovelier than your own handwriting. Trust me! More D.I.Y. ideas to come. Thanks for reading ! XOXO !

Kindly read up my DIY tutorial links and get inspired =)

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