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[DIY Tutorial] Sweet heart jar

Tuesday, 10 February 2015
Greetings! It's tutorial time! Today I have my little brother to work together and we are going to do < Sweet heart jar > which I named it by my own. Here are 2 little mason jars that filled with love shape dark chocolate which everything are handmade. These 2 jars of chocolates may cost you a little pricey if you purchase in the market. But since Every steps in making these are pretty simple! 
So, why not try it out on your own? =)
Who wouldn't be happy with a jar of chocolate to enjoy? I'm pretty sure the receiver will be even more impressed since the contents you do it on your own as well. Trust me! Sincerity counts.

Let's move on to PART II : Mason jar decors
Materials needed are stated clearly in the picture above. Shuttlecock is optional because I'm going to use the feather part as a decor. The color papers you may pick your another half's  favorite color. Everything you wanna add on is encourage-able because you gonna do it the way that you think he/she may love it! 
Basic-must-have is The mason jar! This is one of my collection. I used to collect some pretty bottles/ Jars.
Before that, we are going to do the labels and here are some pretty labels that you may print out : 
There are a lot of free templates online. Here are just a few that I think it's cute. If you are not good in drawing, you may print out the designs so it will be more convenient for you. Somehow, I have decided to do everything on my own. =)
Draw a big circle. Measurement is according to your own jar.
Flower shaped of the labels.
Darken the outlines for cutting purpose.
Cut 'em out.
Darken the white space.
Leave some messages on the label.
Touch up with watercolors. A little is enough.
The label is done. So I'm going to add something on the cover. Hot glue some craft paper on top just to make it more colorful.
I pick dark pink. =)
Hot glue the label on the jar.
Act quick to avoid the glue cool down. 

Let's move on to Part I : Love shape chocolate
Freezing dark chocos.
Ingredients needed : Dark chocolate, Hazelnuts (optional)
Tools needed : Love shape mould, pots, oven
You may need box of dark chocos. It depends on how much you are going to make.
Love shape chocolate mould. Mine is silicone. Easier to use. 
I pick Hazelnuts. You may try almonds.
1st step : Bake your nuts for 12 mins in 175 degree celsius. 
They will become crunchy when cool down.
2nd step : Melt your chocolate in double boil method. 
3rd step : Pour them into the mould and add on hazelnut if you want.

After labels and chocolates are done, lets move on to the last part.
To dress up the jar,  I tie up the feather and jingle bell with the art threads and make'em a ribbon. You can add anything you want : candy, beads, buttons, fabric scraps or whatever you have on hand. As long as you think  they are presentable. 
Personalize your idea for whoever you are doing for. This reflects your personal style and your sincerity to who you care.  Happy Valentine's day.

Kindly read up my DIY tutorial links and get inspired =)

Thanks for reading. XOXO.


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