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The Alley Cafe

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Happy weekend, peepos.
 This is a throwback post. And today we talk about The Alley Cafe at Penang.
 Hi. We found you. The not-easily-to-be-discovered corner in the heritage area.
 The menu.
 Local languages are written on wooden boards for props purpose.
 Coffee art is framed on the stretch marked wall.
Cushion corner. Limited seats inside.
 Wall doodling.
" Trust me, I'm a barista "

  Food Porn :
Salted Caramel Cronuts
Cronut stands for croissant-doughnut pastry. Laminated dough is deep fried , sugared, filled and glazed. One of the signature dish here and a-must-order-item. Surprisingly, layered dough improves the crunchiness. Spreading cascade of caramel and its saltiness boost up the appetite. Just nice for the first try. =)

Nutella Churros
Another fried dough pastry from Spanish. Finger-sized bites and taste better if drizzle in chocolate. Since nothing will go wrong with NUTELLA, but I still have to say that: I don't really like it due to its not-so-crunchy texture.
As usual. =)
Bonding session.
 With Emin. She was just about to leave for Taiwan when we were having this tea-time session.
 With Shih Ming. His pretty little sister. 
Some kind like farewell for the two future-Taiwankians.
Hanging out with his sisters is definitely good. No age gap and we have quite same channels cause girls talk about gossips. Looking forward for more bonding sessions like this. <3
Blurred images.
Bye. An afternoon well spent.

Location : 5, Stewart Lane, 10200, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hour : 12pm to 12am daily
Contact : The Alley Penang

Shin Hailey

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