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PULP by Papa Palheta

Sunday, 28 September 2014
Within 6 months time, it gets popular among the coffee enthusiasts and curious cats. It resides within the premises of Art Printing works which is a historical printing plant at Jalan Bangsar. Looks exactly like a warehouse when you see from the roadside. That's the unique point. And today it's all about :
PULP by Papa Palheta
PULP is run by a Singaporean coffee boutique named PAPA PALHETA. 
PULP this word itself has different meanings such as the inner juicy part of vegetable / plant , or book / movie / any publication with lurid subject matter and etc. However PULP ignites my curiosity to pay a visit just because ( In dentistry it means  >>>  the center of the tooth which filled with living connective tissues . LOL )
NAHHHHHHH ~~~ No lies. =P
Okayyyyy, back to the topic. 
The bitter, yet invitingly warm smell aroma of coffee fill the atmosphere once you step in the coffee house. Flooded by citizens spending their quality tea time during the lazy weekend. Mild chaos. 
The industrial design of the coffee house makes me feel WOW, I LIKE IT !
Get to know more about the coffee >>> But they sound weird for me until I google the terms.
Suke Quto : Citrus acidity, Candied sweetness, medium body
Karatu Estate : Silky and smooth 
Blue Batak Tangerine, Clarity in Flavours, Full bodied
I'm Not a pro coffee drinker, but spending some time to understand more about beans and brew.
They are selling the beans too. More information on Papa Palheta. =)
Corner of < Serving Yourself >
That Old paper cutting machine paired with stools is just cool!
It is a perfect spot for instagramer I guess. High ceilings and natural sunlight have made the place so lively. 
Full house in a minute once we are here.
With the boss. 
The menu.
Simple and elegant menu wins heart. (Not much choices) Big breakfast, pastas and some big portion make-you-full-food are not served . Kindly remind , hungry-eaters shouldn't pick here. Pastries and cakes go sweet with coffee. That's all you can find here >>>
While coffee part, you may pick among hand-brewed, machine-brewed and simple espresso. Try the pureness and good quality of beans. My favorite is always mocha. Thinking of Mocha may lessen the percentage of getting insomnia but it's not available here.  =(
So I ordered a cup of Cappuccino. But then the barista turn and serve me a cup of Latte. He said I will like this.  Okay luckily it's just nice. Taste mellow. =)
Latte and art.

Homemade lemonade.
He picks this over caffeine. Pricey lemonade doesn't disappoint us as it's a blend of fresh mint , lemons and some refreshing citrus fruits. I think it tastes a little gingery.
 Loco Lamb pastry
I don't eat lamb, but I eat this! 
 I don't know how to describe the pastry in the best way. I may conclude it is rich flavor and content. The distinctive taste of the lamb slices is not really strong and its acceptable for me. =)
Give a try to this and I'm sure it can make your stomach full. 
 Moist chocolate cake.
Definitely a MUST choice for chocolate lovers. The bitter and simultaneously sweet taste heavenly and melts all the way in the mouth. Make sure you drink a lot of water. 
Happy kid.
One thing good about the coffee house is the baristas practice cupping session before they serve every cup. They ensure the quality and because of that, my fatty gets a free cup. 
Free cup.
He is happy cause it's FOC drink wad... HAHA!
Us and the coffee tour.
Quick glancing over the book racks and found KINFOLK magazines!!!
 Perfect weekend.
Overview about this cafe is >>> Pricey ! Unless you are a coffee desperato, you may like this place very very much since there are not much choices of beverages other than coffee. Baby-portion desserts is rated RM12 per piece! However, I have to admit that the ambiance is real good.

Location :  29-01, Jalan Riong, Bangsar, KL.
Business hour : Close on Mon. Tues-Fri 9am-7pm . Weekends 9am-10pm

Shin Hailey
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