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Feeka Coffee Roasters

Saturday, 20 September 2014
Welcome reading my 1st post ever after a long half year. 
Too busy for packed schedule and finally back to blog now. Spend my weekend for coffee shop hunting. This time we choose FEEKA COFFEE ROASTERS . To reach the cafe, it really took us some time as nobody knows where is its exact location when we were asking around, You might wonder why don't we take a cab? Okay. First, exploring with 2 feets is exciting *He said* . Second, even the taxi drivers don't know the where is Jalan Mesui. Sweating a lot under scorching hot sun! Fine! But we manage to arrive after rounds of "treasure-hunting*. Hahahahaha. 
In Sweden, Feeka means have a coffee break. *I Googled it =P *
 Wooden furniture is now a trend for coffee shops.
Truly, wooden bench and tables match perfectly with green plants. Rich color!
 Coffee beans and cups.
 Make up your mind among the delicious looking cakes and pastries is definitely hard.
 Sofa corner is occupied . =(
 Lunch time to tea break is flooded with people. 
 View from the top.
Natural sunlight pours in, I guess the staffs love working in this corner.
The coffee shop itself outstands in between the row. With hanging light bulbs decoration, it is welcoming and comfy. Especially the wall which is painted with stretch marks shade leaving a vintage sense. City-centered cafe seldom gives me such cozy feeling. 

Food Porn :
I order a cup of Flat White. Less milk and less foam and proportionally more coffee than a latte. Actually, this is the first cup of  FW during my coffee hunting. "A small latte" is what I 've got from it. 
Flowers and coffee form the best frame.
This probably surprise me a lot as I never eat Duck Sandwich before! Crunchy Alpine seed bread toasted and sandwiched with slices of sirloin, horseradish sauce *this is special* cheese, tomatoes and arugula leaves really leave me a good impression, Caramelised onions doesn't smell strong. *Cause I don't really like onions* Worth a try.
 Served with french fries dish up with chili powder.
 Pesto Pasta.
The waitress introduce this Pesto Pasta and it is a hot pick for vegetarians.
Coriander pesto, tops with fresh nuts and herbs ,vegetables on spaghetti. A simple but savory dish cook. However, it tastes a bit TOO GREENISH for me as a carnivore. 
 Yoghurt Parfait in Glass.
 Greek yoghurt, Cranberry, mulberry, fresh melon, flax seed and quinoa.
Rich content with reasonable price. I like the combination. =)
And the boy fall asleep after having his stomach full. 
 With someone who never fail to enlighten my mood.

Location : No,19, Jalan Mesui, Kuala Lumpur.
(Monorail to Station Raja Chulan > Try to find Hotel Istana > It's just behind it within 15minutes walking distance)
Business hour : Opens daily from 8am to 12am
Facebook : Feeka coffee roasters

Okay. Take a short break to finish a simple blog post. Cause me as a typical cafe lover will never stop for coffee shop tour. Not rich but I'm just too in love for cafes. 

Update bits about myself : I'm currently having my 3rd year studies for Dentistry. So, packed timetable and notes are waiting for me to eat up. Yea, I'm tensed up with proper time management, =(
Anyway, See you in next blog post! Thankyou for reading.
Hope you will like this after-renovation-blog! =P
Cause my fatty refurnished it as my 21st birthday gift. XOXO I love him!  

Shin Hailey
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