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[DIY tutorial] Valentine's 3D Love Pop Up Card

Friday, 7 February 2014
I'm really really really feeling bad for my long absence here BUT I promise : Once I update, it will definitely be a quality blog post. Trust me trust me, Okayyy???*convincing smile* Hugsssss =P
Gonna share with you on how to do a 3D Love Pop-up Card. Yes! I bet you will love this because Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It will be a wonderful handmade gift for your another half. Am I right? Yeapppp! *Drum rolllllllll* Now I'm going to explain step by step to you on the procedures.
Let's move on to the pictorial !
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The outcomes!
Yeappp! Make sure you have these tools and materials before you start your work.
As the saying goes : Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of job!
MUST have!!! Template of 3D love card !
I would like to tell you that this template is now no more available for FOC
So, if you wanna get this, you actually need to purchase by yourself. =( 

Cutting in process.
Patience is needed. Do not rush your work. Make sure every edges is perfect and complete.
Or you will face troubles on doing this later =P 

Okay! Now you can see we actually have A, B, C, D, E and F.
After cutting, you have to join all these parts to complete the heart shape! 3D Puzzle time *hoorayyyy*
First, take out A and C. And I'm always holding A. 
They will form an intersection like what figure shown.
Imagine A is a lock and C is a key. Make sure they are interlocking =P Heeee
Easy step! No worry! Now we add 2 more cut-outs which is D
Look at the figure above and you will see D is located just next to see. 
I'm holding A which form horizontal line. 
The sequence of vertical arragement will be D-C-D. Is that clear? =)
Pay attention to this : D should be arranged into the A cut-out like this.
Make sure the edges are facing upwards. MUST TAKE NOTE!
View from Top. 
Front view.
Done??? Okayyy. Now we move on to the next step. Take out your 2 E cut-outs.
As previous we have done, now this 2 E is just beside the D cut-outs.
Vertical arrangement : E-D-C-D-E
View from Top. Since I didn't use hard cardboard so I couldn't form a really firm shape. If you use a hard cardboard, it definitely will be much rigid. 
After we have finished all vertical arrangement, we will now proceed to horizontal arrangement.
From Vertical >>> Horizontal
You will now need the 2 B cut-outs. Yes! Put them in the position like figure shown above.
Front view. 
Haha! See! If you didn't take note of the D cut-outs, you will form the mistakes like what I did.
*Face palm* It's Wrong!!! You will know why in the following step =)
Last add on!!! Take out your F cut-outs and arranged them inside.
For horizontal arrangement : F-B-A-B-F
Front view.
Don't worry! If you're just using slightly harder paper, it will still form a rigid 3D love after you fix all.
If you do it correctly, it's still a love shape when you make it flat. *Jumping upside down*
Yeahhhhhh! The 3D love is Done!!!
Top view.

Now, a little sewing is needed to fix the 3D love on your card.
Look at those tiny love markings on paper. Haha! Of course you no need to do this because the markings are just to ease your following step which to fix the 3D love on the card. 
Just need to use pencil to daft on it. The markings are where your thread need to pass through.

***Pay attention : You need to make sure equal width between each point. 
I made 1.2 cm between points.
Top view.
Okay. This step is slightly complicated. The circles are where you need to tie the thread.
Make a simple knot only. No worries!
After tie the threads.
Now you need to sew the love on the card.
Just make sure the thread pass through the markings that you have made on the paper.
5 points you have drawn which your thread should pass through.
Tape them for temporary fixing.
Deng deng deng deng !!! Done!!!
Of course! It's just a simple 3D love that I have done =)
You need to design the card on your own. Make your card full of memories of the love journey.
Add words or pictures of you both to in his/ her heart. 
Happy PRE-Valentine for you <3
Stay sweet with another your half! 
Some lovely words *Melted* Haha!

Stay tuned for my next blog posts =) XOXO
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