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Time 。Love 。Distance

Thursday, 13 February 2014
Be his Valentine is always a lucky deal! 

Yes! I have a lot to tell you. More than words and all in love! You know? For me,He is really a genius! Because in whatever situation, he is able to figure out a reason to secure me or giving me comfort. NOT finding for an excuse of course =P  I mean he will always have good explains throughout his work. 

For this one, I know he was almost running out of ideas for Valentine's celebration. HAHA! Inspiration of him came from the moment he saw me spending my whole afternoon working on the blank drawing paper and sweating a lot together with crayons >>> Read my last post : Get your crayons!

I know he spent sleepless night to do this : Yes! It's so cool ! 
YES! You have to say its incredible! *Too much excitement*
Who else could make this crayon art so functional ? Some more! he explains his artwork at his own way. 
Before everything starts, I would like to talk bad about him!!! >>> He has NO talents in art actually!
You know? Even I let him cut a straight line, things all get worse because he made it a curve!
You know? I just let him paste a paper using glue *Such a simple thing which a kindergarten can do better *. He is able to make the whole paper wet and of course he ruins everything. SO!!! I will NEVER EVER let him touch my art stuffs. NEVER! 
But he broke the record yesterday night with his work. 
I gasped in breath * tone in suspecting him * : " YOU DID IT?"  
Not followed by his answer, I said :"Impossible !!! Where to get this ? " 
And he started getting nervous for me not trusting him. Haha his face! Lol! HAHA It sounds so bad that I don't even give him a chance. You can't blame me because he used to be an art-idiot! HAHA now world changes and he changed! 
My God!!!

For this project, he started with food hunt together with me and at each station he gave me 1 coupon. For each coupon, I need to answer the questions he gave. After I collect all these coupons, I will get another prize! Sounds like lucky draw? HAHA!
Q & A
1. Write down one thing that you most dislike about Mr.G.
You always like to blow water! Too much arrogant! *Haha purposely wanna make him angry*
2. Things that Mr.G did and touched your heart.
Cook for me whenever i sick.
3. What is Mr.G most annoying bad habit?
Whistling like "farting" sounds and I will headache!
4. Write down a wish of yours that you hope to be real.
Falling in love with you for my whole life.
5. Things that you did and broke Mr.G 's heart.
He was once not being my 1st place but he forgave me.
6. What you wish to see on Mr.G?
He made his dream comes true. Be a real good man.
7. What is the difference of your BF now compared to the one you always wish to be together with?
BIG DIFFERENCE! especially the look. Hahaha!
8. Your dream man is?
A shin (Mayday's singer)! Of course my dream man is not you! I think he expects me to write his name!Hee
Maybe 梁朝伟,吴彦祖古天乐,张家辉... These types I can accept =p

And I got this prize from him !
<Time Love Distance>
3 elements here. And now maybe I present his thoughts in another way.

Mr Goh's theory :

"Look at the clock hands : One short and One long. The clock hands are us. Both of us are now living in the clock (the heart shaped clock). You know? We are now one at Taiwan and one at Malaysia, we are just like the clock hands > separating . I know Long distance relationship is always a big challenge and many failures prove that LDR doesn't really work. I know you have been so depressed of reaching me, cried in the loneliness and things even get worse when I'm not the 1st to share your burdens and lend you my shoulder. I know it is tough and none of us know how is it going to be. But no matter how hard and how long the distance it is, clocks hand will meet each other always ! They encounter a long journey and passing through miles and miles just to have each other only for 60 seconds. Only this short timeBut it's worth! Because they are loving each other ! We are now in the road of building up our future and that's the reason we are in this clock. Until one day, we will get out of the "reunions and separations" principle if only we can get through all these hardship and the clock will stop waving his hands. We will be released and heading to another stage of life. =)


I can't wait for the day where I can get to be in your arms.
Safe flight! We will be seeing each other in another 6months.
This time will be my turn to bring you back from Taiwan. Take good care. XOXO.
I heart you as usual ! =)
Of course not forgetting to say this :
Happy Valentine's Day! Peepos!
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