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[DIY tutorial] Get your Crayonsss!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014
Hello loveliesss , I'm gonna share with you about the Art of crayon. Previously, I have no idea what could crayons do with art other than coloring. Now, here I found they could be used in this way. Yeahhhh! I was actually inspired by Pinterest. So, if you're on Pinterest too, please follow me as well >>> I'm on Pinterest!  =) Let's make life more artistic and interesting!
BUNCHO oil pastels in 48 colors. 
Tools and materials you may need.
First, you have to arrange the oil pastels in any sequence you wish to. 
Of course! Don't forget to put double-sided tape under crayons. Make sure they stick on drawing paper.
Tape them. 
Start with hairdryer blowing. 
Turn to the strongest hot wind. They melt easily! 
When you start drawing with hairdryer, switch the wind to a little mild.
Blow the colors like how you wish them to be =). Damn easy!!!
I should have drawn the silhouette on paper first. Haha! Anyway, I drew afterwards and stick on it.
Doesn't look that bad, right? =)
<Kissing in the rain>
<Dancing in the meadow>
Ballerina is dancing and spinning gracefully! *Hoorayyyy*

Try yours! It's really really interesting! 
If I die, I wanna die in Arts. #todayinspiration#
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