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Brown's Pocket Candylicious Day

Friday, 28 February 2014
Hello loveliessssssssss =)
Recently I was totally addicted in the Korean Drama "You who came from the star" Haha I guess you all must be in trend too watching this super hot love story, right? Due to sweetness overload, and here I'm going to bring you to have some sugary tongue porn Haha It was actually another left out blog post is =P.  
Don't care! And this dessert house is *drum roll *>>>Brown's Pocket 
I'm here =P
Place your order, please =) Self- service!
Good services, No worries!
The harmony and comfy environment. Look at the wall painting Haha!
The menu
Beverages, maybe?
And his smile. Look at his over-exciting expression! HAHA!

Food porn :

Chocolate Duet  Rm 17.90
One of the "bits of everything". Chocolate is still the best favor ever for me. Watching the ice cream melts   like how Olaf did during summer (Haha if you watched The Frozen, you will get me =P )on the hot pancake and waffle. Combo dessert is making people drooling too much. Bits by bits, eat slow and enjoy =)
Pretty dessert.
Triple Chocolate  Rm 14.50
Yes. Chocolate again. I picked this favor all the time. Haha. This is the best-seller recommended by the staff there. Triple hot chocolate are served together to pour on the top of the melting ice cream. 
Slices of strawberries added some sour taste. Thumbs up.
Too pretty to be eaten.

Definite a sweet day to spend together with sweet stuffs! Another good cafe to spend your quality tea time!
Boss of the day. My shoulder to lean against =)

 P/s : And I started new semester for my 2nd year again since he went back. A little emotional numbness watching life pass by within blink of eyes. I am feeling a little tired. Okay! Sounds like so depressed, right? Nope la! Recently, things here are getting a little complicated but what I meant was about some friendship stuffs *Sigh* but of course I'm not the one involved. Somehow, even I was just a passer-by I don't hope to see any misogyny happen. 
I just wish simple makes perfectI need peace =( Ignore my sudden emotional unstable. Haha
SOMEHOW! I'm going to meet some important life-long-besties tomorrow. 
Have a good night and a nice week peepos! <3 
Thanks for reading XOXO
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