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The Mugshot Cafe

Friday, 4 October 2013
Hello peeps! How was your week? Mine was like... Hmmm...One word concluded my week : Hectic!
Somehow, I lived my week to the fullest. It was tiring but I love the to be busy as long as I'm not alone.
Kind of emotional when homesick attacked at the critical moment *sigh*.
Here I'm gonna write down this long-long-time-ago-happenings, just discovered I forgot to publish it. 
Cafe of the day >>> The Mugshot cafe
P/s Not intend to become a food blogger blablabla, just wanna jot down pieces happened in my life. =p
Guess all Penangites had been here already. So people from other places, do visit this lovely cafe!

Recommended for you when you can't think of a place for having a sip of hot drink.
Kid's size wooden tables and chairs are spotted!
Photobomb! Friends welcome <3
When I first stepped in, what I could see it was almost FULL HOUSE. People keep flooding in.
Maybe art cafes are just too mainstream at Penang.
Blackboard with full lists of menu. 
Bagel : Famous bread products in western countries. They are traditionally shaped into a ring. The toppings used usually are poppy seeds and sesame. They are first boiled and baked.
So they let me snap the pichas of baking the bagels. They prepare once you have ordered. 
Hot tempered oven together with firewoods.
Wohoo! Managed to snap down these hot stuffs =) 
Grab a bagel for yourself. No lies. They are tasty!

Food porn : 
Bacon and egg.
Crispy sesame dough bread (Look like doughnut but more crunchy). Margarine is spread over the two slices. Baked bacon is rolled into a cup shaped and filled with scrambled egg. Open you mouth and bite in =p
Saliva stimulating dish. Simple but nice.
Cream cheese and baked salmon Bagel.
Fresh salmon is the main character here. Thickness of salmon slice is just suitable for the bagel.
You can feel the freezing salmon melted together with cream cheese. *like like*
Just a little pricey for this thin slice of salmon.
Cold Cappuccino.
Not really nice. =( Maybe I like heavy taste, but the mixing of coffee and choco powder is quite thin for me.

Walk around after having a big tummy. =)
Insta photos corner.
Another dining corner.
The reindeer. Why no red nose? ==
I spotted the chalksssssssssssssssssssssss.
Something caught my attention. =p Look like in jail!
Model of the day. Look at this stupid fellow.
He introduced another cafe here. Haha.
Jail version.
I guess this is the significant corner for every visitors. So leave your footprints here as an evidence!
Gonna signing off. XOXO
I still love blogging like usual. Words teach me how to express my thoughts. Blogging is the best.
Haha. Have a nice weekend, peeps!

Location : 302, Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, Penang.
Business hour : 8am - 9pm daily
Contact : 012-4054276
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