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Just something cafe

Thursday, 5 September 2013
 This is a place that I have so much memories! I guess I have spent my whole first year university holidays here. I had my part time job in this unique space *Embarrassing because I was a lazy waitress Oops!*
The best memories are the ones that you can't explain but you just had to be there. 
It is a MUST-GO place especially for those who stay at PG or BW.
Picture perfect memories so here you go >>> Just something Cafe/ Art space
Entrance. It's located at second floor. What a perfect retro style blends with doodling art!!! Am I right?
When you step in, you will see this! Gosh! They use DIY concept to decorate this cafe.
Sticky notes with people' wishes around. The blessings corner.
My favourite corner! The small stage. Isn't it cute? Yes! You know? We have our jamming session here almost every night. Playing guitar, singing songs and telling jokes - That's all our job scope.
Spot Bruce Lee! These are the collections of vintage camera. Lomo cameras are included too.
They are still functioning!!! No lies.
A corner selling kid's favourite snacks and souvenirs. =)
Home styled. Sofas are all DIY by the boss. Comfort and relaxing!
School desks are spotted! Haha. Yes these are all from recycling center.
The uniqueness of this art space is the decoration. They play art and make it as a toy! 
You can see how creative the things over there. They use old spectacles to decorate the lamp, even the outdated cassettes and the dead tree branches are useful now in this art space. Collections of old school stuffs and retro bits and pieces can be found here!
Trust me, try to imagine they play bossanova or jazz blue music while you're having your meals, 
how lovely and relaxing the ambiance is? Sometimes, the staffs here even have their music party, 
and the customers all like Big Fans , waving hands and singing together. 
You're right! This is LIFE! 

Seafood Rendang
 Seriously, It tastes special. *Thumbs up* Have you try spaghetti with rendang sauce? I never laaa so I like the taste. A little spicy but the spices are enough to stimulate your appetite!
 Chicken Bolognese
Another dish of spaghetti. you may try Carbonara too. Spaghetti is the main attraction here!
Cheese roll
Fried bread sandwiched with cheezy cheese! Must try! Simple delicacy!
Just O'clate
Ice blended Vico + Chocolate + Oreo ! Cream is on the top with choco chips! Must Try!!!
Flower pot
Another Must Try dish! Banana cake in the bottom, choco ice cream in the middle and choco chips on top!
Flower can eat? Of course it's for decoration only laaaa Haha!

 I guess this is the TOP SECRET of JS cafe.
Hehe here I gonna present you >>> JS crew!
Boss and chef : Kenny. He is the God of Art. All DIY and home decor styles are from his inspiration! He is talented in all art designs and creation. *Salute* Haha. Of course a caring and humorous guy he is!
His fav instrument >>> Harmonica. Can dance, beat box and the most important is CAN COOK!
Hey,Kenny. Thanks for sharing so much with me. Esp cheesecake tutorial! Forever remember. =)
Another boss here : Glanned and Simsim. 
They are also another nice pair!
But didn't manage to know them as they weren't here when my working hours =( 
Beverages and desserts department : Daniel. Okay he looks like minions in the apron. Haha super cuteeee! 
He tells jokes. Another man of happy-go-lucky. A determined student of playing guitar! =)
Hey,Daniel. Thanksfor your endless Lol face and jokes, You are a man of humorous!
Cleaning department : PC. Yes,the fatty boy. He does all the cleaning. Haha Maid of the cafe!
He can do all sweeping , mopping and washing. Haha, obedient boy! 
Guitar, keyboard, cajorn are not a problem for him! 
Waiter/ waitress department :
(Left) Ah V/ Ah Huat! I prefer to call him Ah V! Yes! He is the God of Guitar! He can play all genres of music!!! Seriously, ALL! My guitar teacher! *wicked smile* He writes songs and plays many kind of musical instrument! Humble and passionate! So, I say I love being here.
Hey,Ah V. Thanks for teaching me so much! You made me feel much more confident in guitaring!
And you look hundred times handsome when singing with guitar! I'm honest, Haha!
(Right) Andy. Seldom see him. But he is also another music talent. Guitaring is his fav too. 
Lulu. The cute stray dog picked up by the boss here. Damn cute! but she likes to make noise. She used to stay here (in the cafe) but since she brought troubles so she was now abandoned at boss's home!
I'm still missing her pity adorable look =p

Memories are everything. It's wonderful spending time with you guys *Feeling blessed*

Here are last few pichas taken on Our LAST day working there.
I know Im gonna miss them so so much!!!
JS crew <3

Seriously! It's a place that you can feel HOME!
A place for friends gathering, for gossip and for bonds building.
A place that makes me feel actually Life is simple. Just move on!

Feeling sad that I have to leave here because university life is going to start again =(
Thanks everyone here. I appreciate so much that it's definitely my pleasure to know you guys. 
You guys ROCK! *Feeling loved*

后记 :一把吉他,一把把热血的歌唱,谁说平凡不是一种幸福呢?


Location : There is no signboard for this cafe. Its at 2nd floor above 荣正plasctic shop.
Business hour : 7.30pm - 12am
Contact :Click here for reservation or you may call 04-3130017

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