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Crepe Cottage Cafe

Saturday, 14 September 2013
Looking for any homely and cozy ambiance to have your dinner? 
I guess I can contribute a little by suggesting this nice place >>> Crepe Cottage
 I think it is a reallyyyy reallyyy low profile cafe! It had opened for 13 yearssss! Because whenever I drive by, I don't even know there is this pretty corner hiding in the busy street. 
Probably this was our last dinner before he left this country. A place that we wanted to go for so long!
Romance yellowish lights decorate the kampung-styled outlook of the cafe.
 Wooden windows.
 The little kitchen is at open space.
 Harmony environment when we first stepped in. Few dining tables for customers.
Just like your own dining room =)
Yes. It's truly a small space to be occupied.
 The super hungry ghost !
I love this little cafe. Simple and nice. Neither modern nor outdated, but it kept a little feeling of traditional and of course! Comfy is the best word to describe the environment =p
So I called this mentally-retarded expressions. 
Let's explore the menu! Simple design full of images and names of dishes!
I felt like wanna order all of them as choices are a lot! Saliva was over flowing.

 Mushroom soup
This look so not special, right? However, I'm sure you will be surprised by its rich and thick cream because I was. Haha! Goodness is the perfect to describe. Simply home-cooked. Creamy as hell!!! 
Grilled Salmon steak
Salsa sauce is the merit point. Home cook style had just overwhelmed our hungry stomach!
Salmon is still my fav! However, be careful of the tiny fish bones. Side dishes are a scoop of mashed potato, mixed vegetables and fried egg, Grilled salmon is the main actor! =) *Drooling*
   Roast chicken on crepe
Black pepper sauce is on top! Side dishes are around. Taste nice and good.
The staff said this is the hot pick by customers.
Mumbo Jumbo
A must-drink! Aromatic and zestful starter! Banana is the main in this beverage =)
Mango Cup
Craving fixed! This is super delicious ! NO LIES! NO LIES! *Still in the state of over excited* Haha! 
Fresh mangoes and ice cream are wrapped in crispy waffle basket. Fresh cream and peanut pieces are on the top. Nom nom! Unforgettable great taste of dessert!
 Look at this fatty! Haha! Super nerdy face!
I don't wanna eat! Its so nice! I love it!
Hope you enjoy reading! 
Going to sign off. Another rainy night when writing this post =)

Location : 77-A , Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang, Malaysia.
Business hour : 6.30pm - 12 midnight (Close on Tuesday)
Contact : For reservation, you may call 019-4481680 Agnes or refer here.
=) photo 8621091BA0BFF16406E236652B30AAD1_zpsbaa8551c.png

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