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Coffee Elements date

Monday, 2 September 2013
Always can't believe that time flies like an arrow! *Mouth open wide*
This is the last gathering that we could make it before we enter our second year university studies. 
Yeahoow! Today I'm dating my ladies *Yes, they definitely sound so much older as I knew them for decades HAHA* We had our lunchie at James Foo and then we come here for a tea break. =) 
Of course, we plan to celebrate Qi's advanced birthday which actually falls on 3 Sept. 
Here we are >>> Coffee elements =)
The chemical formulae reminds me of the hatred subject Organic chemistry. ==
A cute corner!!! Please tell me it's damn cute HAHA. 
Gets nearer. Drawings are on the wall.
The menu board.
Someone is blowing... Ermerm don't know what's that XD.
The open space.
 We are too FULL. So we order a slice of Red Velvet cake for Qi to celebrate her birthday .
I thought the sweetness overload, but it tastes okay. Dark Choc is inside. =)
Ice blended Caramel *Thumbs up*
Here showing you le birthday star : Qiqi =p The big mouth monster!
She is super tiny. Don't be fooled by this picha as she looks almost same size like me HAHA.
Ah sing (Left) and Zaza (Right). FULL attendance. *Happy kid smiles!*

So, I called this "Keep memories alive" session.  It's kind of emo when we have a chance to catch up like old secondary school times but in the blink of eyes, we have to separate again. Repeatedly, it's happening. 
I know this is a must-happen-routine when we are growing up. *EMO*
For those who are still studying in secondary school, appreciate your buddies around. *A piece of advice*
Yes. I am sandwiched by the tiniest and the largest. HAHA.
Specky is now a label of us.
Look at Ah sing, GOSH! You look damn cute here ! Haha. What kind of face, Qi !!!
They are pressing me down with their total weight! I'm the slimmest *stick my tongue out Bleukkk*
She is the chubbiest but she never fail to warm up the atmosphere in our gathering. Talkative but adorable.
They are my ladies. Since when I'm not sure, but I'm telling myself : I will appreciate and adore them.
I own them. <3 Thanks for being my side whenever I need.

Planning to do a timeline cover picha for her. SEE! But she never put on *Sad face* Haha
 Hello! Qi er!
And then she will be looking up like this as her profile picha!
Still playing around like kids!
Happy friendship 4th anniversary <3 *Simply counting on*

Signing off. Bye, have a nice day <3

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