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Wat Pho & Wat Arun

Friday, 2 August 2013
Feel the Thai culture and Buddhism with the impressive art work.
The temple of 46m long and 15m high reclining Buddha.
The oldest and largest temple in Bangkok > Wat Pho.
Here is the birthplace of Thai traditional medicine, healing and massage.
You will be impressed by the giant gold plated reclining Buddha with curve of smiles.
We reach here. The entrance.
Tickets. 100 Thai Baht.
Rows of gold plated Buddha.
Giant Buddha.
You can feel the purity of Buddhism. Long and clean corridor.
Views of garden. Sculptures are everywhere.
The power of architecture.
Close up to the marble stones with unique features.
We are so small touring around.
Here are a few tips for the visitors:
NO smoking.
NO PDA (public display of affections).
NO tank tops and short pants.
Ladies DON'T touch monks.
Ladies DON'T pass things directly to monks.
Stay off the Buddha statue.
Take off your shoes.
Entrance to the temple of reclining Buddha.
Really, I can't take a picha with complete reclining Buddha. Too enormous!!!
First take.
 Second take.
Finally, the toes.
No exposed shoulders are allowed. So, I put on a long sleeve.
Us. Together.
According to the source about this temple, If you would like to have some good luck, you may purchase a bowl of coins that you may drop in the 108 bronze bowls which line the walls of temple. 108 reflect the 108 positive action and symbols that lead Buddha to perfection. Even if your wish don't come true, the pennies will be used to preserve Buddha and renovation of temple.
Kring Kring Kring ~~~ Coins dropping sound are everywhere. =)
Gates are guarded by Chinese giants carved out of rock.
Approaching the sky.
Jump high like an insane.
Tour ended.
Hope you enjoy reading.

Location : Located in Ratthanakosin and district directly adjacent to The Grand Palace.
Business hour : 8am - 5pm daily with a lunch break from noon to 1pm.
Tickets : 100 Thai Baht
How to get there ?
By metered taxi or Chao Phraya express river boat

The temple of dawn > Wat Arun
Sitting majestically at the west side of Chao Phraya river.
The first ray of rising sun reflects on the temple and you will see pearly glitters.
 The entrance.
 Tickets. 50 Thai Baht.
One of the side view.
 Exhausted look before stepping up the long staircase.
 Here we go! Start the challenge!
This is the central elongated Phrang surrounded by another four smaller phrang.
The first part is not hard at all, the challenging part is the second staircase.
 Steep and straight!!!
I need to hold tight with my both palms. I am afraid of HEIGHT!!!
Finally we reach the top. The views.
Writing out your wishes. People say the wishes come true. =)
Don't know what to write. So I wrote our chinese names here. Haha.
吴培吉, 郑凯欣, 陈池豪 到此一游
Fresh air. Really! *Thumbs up for the breeze*
I like this shot so much! Can you see how steep it is?
Coming down is another challenge.
(Ignore my huge thighs, Haha!)
Walk to another corner to witness the beauty of Chao Phraya river.
The tired fellows.
Must post picha! Because we don't even know taking pichas here have to charge money. MY GOSH!
40 Thai Baht for each. Damn! Look at the grey sky.
Another cute scene, you can try Thai costumes here. Haha.
They will help you to wear it and take few pichas with their camera in the temple.
Of course you have to pay! =p
Unfortunately, bad weather. We don't have get a chance to capture the pretty sunset.
So, here we ended the tour. 
Seriously, I love here. The ancient Thai culture.

Hope you enjoy reading.

Location : Located at the south west corner of Wat Pho.
Business hour : 8am - 6pm daily 
Tickets : 50 Thai Baht
How to get there ?
By metered taxi or Chao Phraya express river boat
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    1. Thanks girl<3 I will update more posts. Stay tuned =)

  2. truly know the feeling when climbing up that kind of steep stairs !!!! I climb something similar like yours but higher in Angkor Wat omg..that time I really scared I will fall down and die there xD

    1. HAHA babe, I was the same too! Trembling hands and shaky legs, dont even know I was so afraid of HEIGHT!!! HAHA! Nice try wad <3