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Siam Ocean World

Friday, 2 August 2013
One of the largest aquarium in South East Asia.
The journey into Big Blue dazzled us with amazing sea creatures and world class exhibits.
I love the blue blue ocean. SOOO NEARRRR to the marine lives!!!
The prettiest shot of the day from my Samsung Nx 300.
Siam Ocean world. The outlook.
How to get there? Okay, I wrote it out at the bottom of this post. No worries =)
View from the second floor. Can you see the ocean blue underground floor? 
People are flooding in. 
Since we bought out ticket from our hotel tour guide, that's why we get a cheaper price.
We exchanged tickets from information counter.
It's 600 Thai Baht for each of us which include the aquarium tour and glass bottom boat ride.
For more info or online ticket booking, you may refer Siam Ocean World. Just click in.
Since it has a lot of combo packages which include Madame Tussauds wax figure gallery, 5D cinema Extreme, glass bottom boat ride, feeding shows and more virtual tours, 
So its a great place for kids and family.
Prelude to the "Weird and wonderful zone". Huge crab!
No flash is allowed.
WOW! Huge aquarium with curious looking creatures. Smell the sea!
 Forgot the name! Haha.
 Sea corals. Blend of orange and red.
Glow in the dark. Her name.
Sea horse.

There are 7 zones in this Ocean world.
Zone 1 : Weird and wonderful > You will be excited surrounded by unique sea creatures which you might not have chance to see in real life. Mysterious and yet amazing!
Zone 2 : Deep reef > spectacular display of colorful coral reefs! Awesome blend of colors. 
Zone 3 : Living ocean > Its about how the marine lives survive in the big blue.
Zone 4 : Rain forest > A typical rain forest of mammals, reptiles, fresh water fish and insects.
Zone 5 : Rocky shore > How the fish adapt to the rocky area hit by sea waves.
Zone 6 : Open ocean > You can see the relationship of prey and predator is a natural routine in the big blue.
Zone 7 : Sea Jellies > Damn! I love here! Cute jelly fish are everywhere! 
I am here! Yeah!
My fatty said :" HAR??? got shark meh?"
OF COURSE GOT LAAA!!! See, this made me trembling!
So near and so true! You will feel your heart rate shooting up when it passes you right above!
Close up to the white shark!
Listen to the rhythm of sea.

Here we go >>> Glass bottom ride

The exciting fellows. Haha.
Okay, let's picha with our life jacket!
WOW! That's what we have queued up for so long!

The cutest shot from the boat!
A diver is feeding the huge sharks. SEE! He stepped on their heads.
Overall, it's a new try! I never know there is a such boat ride here.
However, the ride is too short and you can only see the views of the aquarium from a small piece of glass.
Fresh experience. Not bad.

Sea jellies zone

I was overwhelmed by these brainless sea creatures.
With my B <3
I love the cold ambiance surrounded by marine lives!*Big loves*
 Selca time with Fatty.
 Delightful always with you. Because you said I'm your mermaid! Haha.
Before leaving, lets get into shark's mouth! Oouch!
 Finish already?
YEAH! Done with the tour <3
The never ending big blue always stands for peace and mystery.
Rays penetrate through the blue lines ignite the flame of hope.
And I am awestruck by the big blue queen.
*Feeling blessed*

Hope you enjoy reading. <3

Location : Basement floor of Siam Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand
Business hour : 10am-9pm daily
How to get there : 
Take BTS (skytrain) to Siam station and take exit 5 for direct link to Ocean world.
Exit 1 is direct link for Siam Discovery and Siam Center.
Exit 3 is direct link for Siam Paragon.
=) photo 8621091BA0BFF16406E236652B30AAD1_zpsbaa8551c.png

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