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Magnum the Chocolatier Cafe

Thursday, 1 August 2013
Girls love desserts. Aren't you?
Hello readers, I can't wait to share with you all about this cafe : Magnum the Chocolatier.
Yeah, just landed from Bangkok, Thailand and I was thinking of writing out this post! *Eager smile* 
Seriously, I was attracted by its fancy decoration and its delightful ambiance at first sight. 
Lovely vintage style.
The bicycle.
Huge magnum ice cream.
Before you enter, you may see all magnum desserts display.
Cute tableware.
Close up to the spreads of nom nom macaroons and choco cake slices.
 Fondue promotion.
New magnum flavor. Chocolate brownie & chocolate strawberry.
 The counter.
On the table.
The menu.
Colorful figures with attractive descriptions stimulated my appetite! *saliva* Haha
Wide selection of desserts.
Actually, we spent a lot of time to discuss what to pick up as the desserts are just too adorable.
After placing order, I jumped out from my seat and started to tour around. 
Romantic lights of chandelier.
Here's to the pleasure seekers of the world. *Purposedly retro it* Haha
A day without pleasure is a day lost. Nice quote.
Another corner of romance blend with vintage.
The waiters are too cute! Aren't they?

First : Choco crullers
 Side view of the dish. Magnum vanilla bar, doughnut and dark choco sauce.
Top view of the dish.
Haha. We feed the camera first.
Melting choco.
I grabbed him as mine! Haha.
Fatty and his pick.
I like the freezing vanilla magnum ice cream bar so much!
Dip the doughnut with dark hot choco sauce are the best ever match!

Second : Toasty francais
Raspberries & Strawberries. Brownie cake.
Top view of the dish.
Close up.
Tee how and his pick.
This dish is served together with piece of brownie cake.
A really sweet craving dish.

Third : Chocolate Imposion
(Haha MINE is here, see! How powerful the name is?)
Does it make you hungry?
 Chocoholic! I admit I am.
 Top view.
Icing-covered fruits are served together.
Red velvet cake is hiding inside.
Happy girl and her pick.
Never know that magnum desserts could be so creative!
I love the egg shaped choco hugging a lil piece of cake.
Marshmallows pair up with chocolates. *Thumbs up*
I'm still in the state of mouth watering when recall all these dishes. Haha.
The bill.
Of course not forget to take picture together in front of the huge ice cream.
 Okay, call me Miss Magnum! Haha.
Sweet tea time!
Hope you enjoy reading! <3

Location : 1st floor of Siam Center
Business hour : 10am to 10pm
Call : (02)2529871

My new camie, Baby Coco brought me all these nice captures.
=) photo 8621091BA0BFF16406E236652B30AAD1_zpsbaa8551c.png
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  1. I like it, wish to have a chance to visit.

    1. Its a super nice place for dessert lovers ^^