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[DIY tutorial] Doodle is love

Tuesday, 6 August 2013
Hello peeps. Are you getting bored of having the same pattern of shoes with others?
Here is a good suggestion that you may try out yourself.
Doodle it! Be your shoes' custom designer! Yeah, doesn't it sounds interesting?
Here is my outcomes after spending 4hours++ Haha. Don't be frightened by the time spending.
Time with art will never boring. And of course this is my first try, so it probably takes more time.
Okay let's talk about the steps!
I'm kind of lucky because I got this pair from Cotton On. I guess you all know this shop, right?
It costs me ONLY RM6!!! In my budget list. YEAH!
Step 1 : Get yourself a pair of white shoes (canvas will be nicer)
Step 2 : Clean it with fabric. Just make sure its not dirty.
Step 3 : Draft on the shoes. Make sure you don't draw it hard as it's difficult to erase after that.
If you don't have any ideas, you may Google it as many people tried out already.
Step 4 : Sharpie the figures that you have drawn. Haha! This is the most interesting part.
Please bear in mind that : Use the light color first then outline with black color.
If you accidentally apply wrong , at least black color can cover everything. =)
Step 5 : Acrylic paint. Carbon black.
I use this to make my black outline more shiny black. It's fast drying and water resistant when dry.
Step 6 : COMPLETE! It won't take too long to dry.

Results :
Side View.
Side View.
Back View. ( Yeah! My name is here Haha.)
Wearing it <3
Close up.
I'm sure you will be SUPER EXCITED like I'm now when you have done your pairs.
This impromptu doodling made me label myself as CHILDISH.
Look at all the doodles I have drawn, you will understand why I said so! HAHA.

It's never too late to make your life artistic.
DIY stands for Do It Yourself.
Do a pair of yours now and tag me. <3
Enjoy reading.
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6 comments on "[DIY tutorial] Doodle is love"
  1. WOW you manage to get a pair of shoe for RM6!!! hehe love your tutorial but i dont have sharpie =( haha borrow me when I want to draw on my shoe k? ;p *just kidding*

    1. sure sure babe <3 haha YEAP! that time was having big sale, I got one pair and jiaying grabbed one too =p Haha! <3

  2. Nice one !! :D btw, will the color drop if met water ?

    1. hey hui xin ^^ So far what I did is others have done before HAHA I think its a water resistant pair... Never try to let it wet, When I have experiment with it, tell you then <3 haha