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Cabbages and Condoms

Sunday, 11 August 2013
Okay. I have searched bits and bobs about the restaurant before we go because of its popularity.The name itself is already an attraction, am I right?When I made some simple notes about this cafe, The slogan had just BOOST UP my curiosity! 
"Our food is guaranteed NOT to cause pregnancy!"
So, it's a MUST GO place in Bangkok. Haha! *Overly-excited* Isn't it cute? This restaurant was conceptualized to generate income for the development of activities of Population and Community Development Association (PDA) which serves and assists the rural poor of Thailand. This interesting concept had attracted international attention. *Salute smile*For more inquiries, you may click here .=)
Let's make a move to this lovely place. 
Regarding on how to go, please scroll down to the bottom of my post. =)
I can say this green plants decorated concept restaurant will be nature lovers' fav!
Cooling greenery scene.
The both side of the path are fully furnished with these bamboo lamps. *Feeling warm* 
So, we first meet the so called Condom man! Haha! 
What kind of expression should I give??? He is FULL OF CONDOMS!!!
I should label him with "Made in condoms"! *Awkward face*
Don't laugh. BAHAHAHAHA.
Just notice that there are a lot of shapes and designs. =.=
WHAT!!??? Door gift is....
They provide two types: Just take as many as you think you need it.
For me, it's my FIRST time seeing this female condom. Female also got condom? 
I must be left out again. *Feeling Lol*
The menu. Spot the humorous tagline. =p
This is the merit point! They list out the chef recommendations. =)
Picha first before placing orders.

Captain condom bar. Condom is everywhere! 
Snap this from the second floor. It's like we are dining in cozy jungle. *Excited*

First pick : Banana fresh juice.
 I never drink banana juice before. This is my first try and it is really FRESH!!!
They make the banana into pulp and the smell is just nice. You may try!
Second pick : Tomyam Goong
Okay, people said Tomyam is a signature dish in Thailand. Maybe, but I don't really like their Tomyam soup. Too sour but spicy level is acceptable. Our Tomyam are less sour and spicy or maybe I'm not used to theirs.
We order steamed rice to serve with this bowl (The portion is quite small).
Third order : Pork S&S
Pork fried with crunchy peanuts. It stimulates appetite. Sweet and sour sauce.
 Third order : Coconut milkshake
This is a THUMBS UP beverage. We have tried coconut milk shake a lot before we have here. 
This is super rich and delicious!!! Joyful drink! *Satisfied smile*
 Desserts : Lychee in syrup

Time to make payment.
The receipt.
The bill comes together with the condoms instead of mints. *Awkward smile*
Haha. It's really too easy to get free condoms here. They promote safe sex wildly. 
Anyway, it is not really pricey. Dining in this lovely ambiance is worth to pay. 

Don't let the name fool you. It's a good dining place for family and friends.
Hope you enjoy reading. =)

Location : Sukhumvit Soi 12
How to go : VERY EASY TO GO! It's near to Terminal 21 shopping mall.
You may need to cross to opposite side by using the pedestrian overpass. Once you come down, please be alert of the advertisement board. It's hanging there. Just follow the direction. =)
It's near Asok BTS station. 5 to 6 mins walk and turn left into Soi 12.
Walk straight and you will see the board giving you the direction of the restaurant.
Business hour : Opens daily from 11am-10pm
Contact : (02)-2294210
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  1. hi there! is it a fun place to visit? wanted to go there but tak jadi in the end! biggest regret!

    1. hi =) yeap! its a great place for dining ! Its a cute concept restaurant. never mind, you may go next time ^^

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