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Birthday & Farewell date @ Evergreen Laurel Hotel

Tuesday, 27 August 2013
Sometimes, you will never know the true value of the moment until it becomes a memory.
Jot down this birthday and farewell double date. Meeting up with the boy's classmates (They were once my schoolmates too =p ) at this Evergreen Laurel Hotel for buffet dinner.

I guess the feelings are complicated enough as each of them are leaving for tertiary studies.
So far from what I know, they are really close and have been living like a bunch of family since they stepped in for Form 6 studies. From their conversations, I know they are just too valuable for each other. =)
The dining room.
With this bunch of crazy. They are so humorous and natural.
I regret for not knowing them earlier. ==
 Snapshot around when I am so full tank.  Fruits corner.
The raw seafood for steamboat section.
What drives me crazy!!!!
Adorable and attractive desserts. *Drooling*
Choices are too much. Finally, I decide to pick each of them. *Main factor of obesity* Haha.
Good looking desserts but somehow taste normal. *Disappointed*
Hot potsssssssssss.
Chicken, Fish, Lamb chops, mixed vegetables.
Smart coffee machine.

The price list : Dinner starts from 7-10pm
Mon : East meet west Internatinal buffet dinner
Tues : Italian and International buffet dinner
Wed : Fusion and International buffet dinner
Thurs : Chinese and International buffet dinner
RM 62 ++ (A) or RM 31 ++ (C)
Fri & Sat : Japanese and seafood buffet dinner
RM 74 ++ (A) or RM37 ++(C)
Sun : Thai and International buffet dinner
RM 62 ++ (A) or RM 31 ++ (C)

For every Mon to Fri (12noon - 230pm) : Executive buffet lunch
RM 48 ++ (A) or RM 24 ++ (C)
For every Sat and Public holidays (12noon - 3pm) : International high tea
RM 60 ++ (A) or RM 30 ++ (C)
For every Sun and Public holidays (12noon - 3pm) : Family high tea
RM 60 ++ (A) or RM 30 ++ (C)

You may refer here . =)
P/s I am easily attracted to price stuffs. Haha.

OKAYYY! Birthday party starts! Happy advanced birthday!!!
*Drumroll please*... Haha.
Here presented you these three Virgo babies:
Jingyee (Left) 5 Sept , The boy (Center) and Meiling (Right) both are 4 Sept.
Their over excited expression! 
Bruce Lee's custom cake. Minions fever not yet fades.
The loved ones. I always salute his random patterns. *Eyes rolling*
Officially known as pattern king!
Happy advanced birthday my boy!
I know he doesn't wanna leave. He belongs to here. I know he is heavy hearted too.
The father and the two pretty daughters. *Wicked smile*
Yes! The gift from the lovely bunch. Its the second purse he got it!
The 3 sharp thorns among the flowers. Haha.
Put the shades on, he thinks that he is Captain Cool. LOL.
The bunch.

 Now is the making off of the dinner >>> I love candid shots. Haha.
True friendship isn't about inseparable, it's being separated but nothing changes.
I couldn't agree more.
Wishing everyone the best luck and best regards.
Waving goodbye and asking someone to take good care is always the hardest part.
Because no one wants being separated.
But dreams force us to do that.
Chase and catch your dreams. All the best, peeps!

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    1. yes wen <3 the food is okay okay only =) not as much choices as I have expected. Overall, with the price is still reasonable <3