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Asiatique the Riverfront

Thursday, 15 August 2013
No doubt. It's definitely a lovely place to hang out.
Asiatique the riverfront. 
Mesmerized by the Ferris wheel.
Scroll down to the bottom of this post, you will know how to go. =)
Shuttle boat. Yeah! We are on the way going to Asiatique. Taking boat is definitely the only choice.
Be alert to the boats with unique designs passing by. Awwww ~ I love the river smell!
Less than 15 mins, we are here! =p Its' a gloomy day.
For the first time being here, don't scared! 
They provide tourist guidance in the form of  brochures. *Feeling secured*
Coconut desserts. 40 Thai baht per box.
We try this out while waiting for the tickets of the cabaret show.
One of the warehouse.

WHAT is making ME so EXCITED???
Yes. It's my very first time. Seriously, I have been waiting to see the ladyboys/ shemales for so long. 
I mean, I mean how could this be? how is the way they live? they speak? The way they dress up? 
A lot of questions pop up when I am holding these entrance show tickets. 
YEAH! I am so pleased to go! *Evil smile*
 The printed tickets are so lovely. Pinkish hotttt! 
2 shows daily : 8.15pm OR 9.15pm 
The whole show takes you 1 hour and 15mins. =) Let's enter!
Calypso cabaret show!
 Yes! The theater! Open your mouth big! I bet you have the same expression like me! WOOWWOOOW!
This theater accommodates 480 guests and the red neon lights are beckoning the audiences in.
The background music has just made the whole scene more mysterious and more seducing. 
Awesome atmosphere!
Ticket comes with a free drink. I order Thai Whiskey!
*Dislike face* It tastes like bubble gum. Yulk. I take a sip and leave it there!
 Our first cabaret show!
Yeah the backpackers are here! But it's out of focus *sad*.
People are flooding in. I can see many excited faces and overjoy conversations! Many first timer =p.
The show starts. I don't really know how the show is carrying on, I mean the story line. 
I just focus on those stunning ladyboys with fabulous dressings. 
Beauty pageants with eye popping dressings.
 The Elvis Presley and hot dancers. Dancers are "females".
Scantily clad "girls". Don't worry, they are not going to take off  their clothes.
The show is suitable for both young and old. 
They can change clothes within seconds and then dancing like a wild! *Jaw drop*
 Chinese dance.
The whole bunch performers.
For me, the show is boring. However, it's really entertaining! 
See! They have the right noticeable curves at the right angles! 
Really! I can't believe that THEY WERE ALL BORN MEN but they have such good body figures.
 Awwwwww~ *Jealous* .
They should be praised for their enthusiasm.
Photo taking session with them make me breathless because they are so near to me with their hot body. 
*Shy shy*
"She" is the prettiest among them. So sweet and soft! Non stop posing together with me! 
You should be a lady in nature!
The Ladyboys are waiting for you! 

P/s : Actually you have to give tips if you take pichas with them. But me, this stupid ostrich never know about this rule. I take a lot of pichas with them but I don't pay. It's wrong!
You guys shouldn't repeat my mistake. Haha.

After the show, I have been thinking a lot. I am impressed by the show, not by it's content but the courage of the performers - the shemales. Those transgenders are really brave! They must have gone through a lot of inner struggles and conflicts to make such a life long decision. Maybe some of them should be born as females, but something goes wrong so they have to undergo operation to present a better them. Yea, they need respect. I mean those shemales who work probably and earn with their own ability should not be discriminated. At least they fight for living by having proper jobs. 
As long as they desire in their own way and the right way, it doesn't harm.

The show ends. We have pretty good fun browsing shops and boutiques for souvenirs.
Spot my fav ukulele and guitar! There is A LOT!
Wooden made. Actually its not really cheap, about 1000 Thai Baht for a better quality one.
Yeah! I should grab one for myself. *Drooling*
 But I have no money already!!! *Sobs*

Next stop MUST GO : Naraya 
 I guess this international accepted brand is not strange for you, right?
With fashionable designs and quality fabrics, Girls are all CRAZY over them!
One of the outlet. You can see the ladies grab the begs like they are free of charge!
Even the counter is a long queue too! The whole shop is so BUSY! 
And I spend 1600 Thai Baht here. 
Big ribbons are their trademarks.
The looking tired guys. =)
Come! It's late. Let's go back! Gonna squeezed inside the crowded boat.
See you again! 

Hope you enjoy reading. =)

Location : Chareonkrung Soi 74-76
How to go : Take BTS to Saphan Taksin station. Once you come out from LRT, turn right and go to Exit 2. You will be leading to Sathon pier. You may take boat express there (From 5pm to 11.30pm). Its free of charge but you have to wait as it's a long queue. Haha.
you can pay 20 Thai baht to reach there earlier by using another boat at the same pier.
 (Don't worry, the boatman will keep convincing the tourists to take the have-to-pay boat.)

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  1. I love Naraya bag lol but didn't get one that time because I saw it in Macau so I guess it must be more expensive than in Thailand ><

    1. yaya angeline! That's so much cheaper in Thailand, other places are too pricey XD its okay, haha make a visit to thailand when your sem break! hee