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You should choose Dentistry!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013
Spend a little time to know more about my dental first year.
Hope you guys enjoy reading =)
Not forget to add this piece of diary in my little corner.
Whole first year passed in the blink of eyes,
I'm here officially turning into 2nd year.
With this whole bunch together!!!
* Jumping upside down with tears*
The bunch of girls.
We are looking so professional in lab coats. Haha.
My buddy line.
That's the greatest point when you're studying in local university. You will have a host family what we so called "buddy". They are going to be my second family here starts from my first day until forever. 
They guide the little buddy in all the ways they are.*Grateful* 
Special credit to Yeewen, my direct buddy as she taught me a lot assisting me through the hectic first year.
*Big hugsss* Thanks my buddies.
Past year questions, lecture notes and reference books. Buddy outing is a tradition too. =)
Pretty and handsome are hereditary in our line. *Selfie* Haha

Short Intro: WHO AM I?
A non typical nerdy from Selangor Matriculation College who had completed her pre-university studies.
I blessed my lucky star that I got a place in Malaya University for Bachelor of Dental Surgery.
Thank GOD.
Dentistry is my only choice when I applied UPU.
I begged don't ever get medicine or pharmacy, they are not my cup of tea.
Taadaa~ Taadang!!! Don't worry, they are made from plastic. =p

Choosing a career might be confusing, right?
But, I'm here to tell you! Dentistry is a good option compared to other health science.
Okay, it sounds a little bit smell of gun power. 
NOPE, take a few seconds to let me convince you. =) 

1. Flexible. 
Be your own boss. Dentistry is a career that allows you to do that. Friendly working hours is the best point. We don't need to be ON CALL 36 hours like what you've watched from TVB drama *convincing smile*. This profession is such a scheduled job. People make appointment and you arrange your time to fit them in. Maybe it sounds bored by formatting your life into a 9am to 5pm timetable, BUT it's definitely going to be a super duper best relaxing life after working hours (compared to medicine HAHA).
Personally, I think that girls suit this job perfectly as we are going to have our own family.

2. Healthy smile.
You will see most of the dentists >>> approximately 99% of them have the best teeth alignment with shining bright diamond smile. This is because they know how to take good care of oral health and how this good appearance can raise one's confidence. I never know how important it is to maintain good oral hygiene until I was exposed to oral biology, this subject. Healthy smile with healthy teeth will definitely a merit for better appearance.

3. Lucrative income
Every job has their best paid. Dentistry is the same too. So far as I know, dentists make at least 5 figures salary monthly for private sector. WOW! that's amazing. But of course, that's not the main point if you are not a patient and detail-orientated person, you won't like this job. Provided you have strong passion to become dentist, you may make more than 5 figures. Adjusted working hours with high salary, who doesn't want to? 

Seriously, I knew nothing before I entered this course. 
What's inside my brain : DENTIST is one of THE BEST PAYING job !!!
I'm just going to earn A LOT to compensate my orthodontic fees. HAHA !
I don't know others. For Malaya University, first year students learn the following subjects.
We are having integrated papers for Final professional exam which means all subjects are combined TOGETHER!
*Eyes pop out! Nightmare! *
Here I list down the terrible side effects you may have after the studies. 
(But don't take it serious! It's for entertainment purpose. Haha. )

1. Anatomy
Okay. This is a killer because it's a memory based subject. Here, we study about gross anatomy, histology, neuroanatomy and embryology. The most exciting moment is we can learn in a practical way by having dissection parts of cadavers as reference. 
Wow, it sounds COOL if you can withstand formalin smell *dislike*which is used to preserve the cadavers.
Side effects :  Hypertension, Anxiety,  Insomnia, Blankouts or sometimes blackouts, X-ray eyes (see through human body HAHA)

(NO LIES! But it's different depend on people. )
Personally, I love Anatomy IF there's NO EXAM. 

2. Physiology
It's the study of functions of living system in our body : cell, muscle, organ, system and mechanisms. By this, we will know how our body functions and the science of life. I think it is the most interesting subject among all because questions that pop out from your exam paper will always different from what you have studied. That's the cutest point  because ONLY understanding can make you win physiology's heart, she is different from Anatomy. Modify yourself to win all hearts. Lol.
Side effects : Smarter or vice versa, better brainstorming, Lebih pandai 'blow water'.

3. Oral Biology
Here she is!!! *love blossoms* Our main actor for this five years dental life. My most favorite subject because it's so easy to understand and memorize naturally. 
This teaches me that WISDOM TOOTH is not any sign of intelligence but they are coming in an impacted way that may cause pain and require extraction.
In this subject, common sense is the key point. However, we learn in a more detailed way by knowing those specific terms and professional words. Medic students do not learn this subject. =)
Teeth. I LOVE TEETH *saliva *. I know I sounded like a psychopath, HAHA but for me, smile with bright teeth is the main factor to judge a person's external beauty.
Side effects : Look at teeth all the times when conversation, Extra dupra careful when having meals, gargle is a MUST after meals, dental floss and Listerine is becoming a necessity. Like to smile =)

4. Biochemistry
Don't know why, I dislike this the most. It's so pointless for me but it helps me score high *Lol face*. It's about chemical reactions in living organism. Basically, you won't understand the lecture contents until you have past year questions to refer to. BIG THANKS to my buddy line. For example, we study about metabolism of carbohydrate, amino acis, lipids and lipoprotein, blood, nutrition and so forth. Terrible, right? Make sure you know what's oxidation and reduction before touching this. HAHA.
Side effects : Dislike chemical equations, probably grows more white hair after studying, Anti all pathways of metabolism, chemophobia.

WANNA see some horrible things? 
Yes! These are all collected from dental clinics and we have to use them in the following years.
You can see lots of people never take good care of teeth. 
So, ended up by extracting them.

Extracted bad teeth.
So, the perfect human teeth are used to do this alignment by using stone.
That's the interesting part when you are rejected by doctors repeatedly,
You will learn how to tolerate, be serious and gain more patience. =)

Hwaiting YEAH! Congratulations to all my coursemates.
 We're coming for second year.
I'm counting down days to meet again. Haha.
Enjoy reading, peeps =)
=) photo 8621091BA0BFF16406E236652B30AAD1_zpsbaa8551c.png

11 comments on "You should choose Dentistry! "
  1. Buudy oh, u can't blow water in physiology leh >< and fyi , we do have on calls :P

    1. haha buddy! just realised your reply XDXD wrote for fun..haha on calls? not that xin ku like medic MUAHAHA

  2. hahaha the part about earning lots of money has always been a misconception.. come to clinical year then you shall know that expensive price you pay is for a reason and there are also many drawbacks to dentistry..that all my girl you will find out sooner or the end it is how you weigh them and decide for urself what you are willing to compromise with =)

    1. Yaya, before I was introduced to this course, everybody is telling me "you're going to be rich" ...this misconcept is still leading a lot of dental students nowadays ...Thanks for dropping your comment, Highly appreciated =)

  3. I don't agree that you said doctors don't have work flexibility. Doctors also arrange medical appointments themselves. By the way I agree that biochemistry is really boring. I'm medical student.

    1. Hi =) thanks for dropping your comment, its highly appreciated. Ya, doctors are much more busier than dentists in their future working world... =) Nice to know you, future doctor, good luck for your future profession =)

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