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Maldives 5D4N Travel Itinerary

Friday, 22 March 2019
I know I've been procrastinating for some time. I started writing this post when I came back from Maldives but you know I got distracted so easily...
But it's okay never mind! It's gonna be my first post for 2019! (March) Haha! Let's go through this simple itinerary for my Maldives trip. But I'm sure you need some planning tips. Head over to this COMING SOON POST to get more ideas on how to arrange everything.

I've received multiple queries about this. Actually me myself spent around RM4K
(including round trip flight tics, accommodation, breakfast and dinner, tour excursions) YESSSSS! It's not cheap but yet not so expensive. 
(Some pictures credit to Google because I'm not good in taking landscape pic and I spoilt our camera)

DAY 1: Fly from KL > Check in Island Beach house
DAY 2: Island Beach House > Tour excursions (Dolphin hunt + sand bank + snorkelling)
DAY 3: Check out  > Return to Airport + speedboat transfer > Check in Anantara Dhigu Resort
DAY 4 : Anantara Dhigu Resort
DAY 5 : Check out > Return to airport > Fly back to KL

(Some pictures credit to Google because I'm not good in taking landscape pic and I actually spoilt our camera)

Tips: If you're taking Air Asia flight like me, you'll be landing at night. For us, we decided to spend 2 nights over a beach house and another 2 nights at the luxurious resort. Part of it is because we felt it was not worth if we checked in at night (like wasted a day) and we had budget issue (Hahaha).

Let's start the journey!
I would recommend you this budget-friendly staycation. 
For a couple's trip, I would definitely rate it as above 9.0! It's located at Hulhumale and it's 4km from Male International Airport. 

 Here you go. Fitted my budget nicely with good service!
Very comfy and beautifully designed. 
And this is our room! We slept like a log after landing for the first night. 

Breakfast situation. We can pick one set each from the menu and it's included in the room fares. 
Walked down the shore with the waves rumbling next to me. 
Got ourself a picture after hoping around the public beach and nearby streets.

Then we joined this Excursion (will attach the package below). 
It was a windy day and we both got really excited! I really prayed hard so we could see the dolphins. We headed to the nearest jetty (transportation included). The instructor showed us the way to get into the speed boat. There were only 3 instructors, we two sillies and another couple. It was around 4pm. 
First stop: Sand bank
I got rashes over my body on that day after immersing myself in the sea water. So just ignore those red patches on my neck area.
And I'm sorry that I couldn't show you how the actual sand bank should look like
(From this pic, it looked like an ordinary picture we were sitting by the beach). 
Noooooooo! It was not! 
If you're bringing your drone along, you might be able to take a picture like this from the top. This picture was sent by my instructor. He said we were exactly on the spot where the human lying and you could only take this awesome view during non-windy days.  Sand bank is actually a sandy island situated in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by amazing sparkling sea in the shades of blue and green. It was spectacular and you could possibly forget about your camera when you saw one at real.
Oh ya! We did our Second stop: Snorkelling here too!
Third stop: Dolphin hunt
During the hunt, I couldn't sit properly and I climbed over the seats to get myself the most front deck view! 
I didn't blink much because I didn't want to miss anything in front of my vision. 
Guyssssssssss! Do you know how did my excitement bloom when I saw the very first jump of the very first dolphin that came into my eyes? My smile grew of its own accord and I just couldn't hide anywhere. I shouted like "Oh my goshhhhhh it's there! over there!" But very soon, they came in a group. 
A whole family! My instructors felt giddy too when they saw my expression. 
My very first time to see my fav sea creatures in real life!!! (I used to like dolphins since I was a kid)

They drove the boat even nearer and you know I actually accidentally touched one of them. That feeling was awe! And It was so slippery! 
You can imagine how near we were at the moment HAHAHA! Dolphins like music. 
All the dolphin-watching-tour boats were silently stopped in the middle of the ocean and played soothing music loudly. 
The dolphins were happy and they kept performing, jumping here and there. 
I swear I forgot my camera at that moment. Just INDESCRIBABLE! 
My instructor took a few clips for me and please stay tuned for my travel video!
Not forget about this, we saw a pilot whale too! But he swam too fast and I could only see this part of him. 
Perfect sunset with perfect dolphin hunt! My heart was full. 
By that night, I got a surprise from the staffs. It was Nasha's effort. She knew it was my birthday the next day. She prepared a birthday cake for me when the clock struck at 12! It was a whole big Maldivian's cake! How sweet it is! But I didn't get a picture with Nasha. (I forgot it)  
Day 3 Breakfast before we departed to our resort!
The tour excursion package (From IBH) 
We checked out from IBH and they sent us to the airport again. Because we need to wait at Anantara lounge for their complimentary boat transfer.
We arrived after around 35 mins boat transfer. 
We were greeted by their traditional drums and cold towels + free juice!
So this is the one! Anantara Dhigu Resort!
The staffs were so friendly and they toured us around the island by buggy.
So excited because we were finally here. A picture of us in front of our villa.
View from our sunset over-water suite. It was amazinggggggggg!
Sundeck with daybed. Direct access to lagoon. 
After settled down, we went to the over-water spa to take a look.
Every corner is instagrammable!
My fatty. He is just cute hahaha!
And we found the chef's garden! 
The staff told us they provide cooking classes with self-pick herbs from the garden. 
 Afternoon time, we went back to our room.
 I just couldn't wait to jump into the lagoon from our balcony. 
Here's our villa.
Acting skill level 999.
Me having some me-me time watching over the sunset.

After delicious buffet breakfast, we went to Aqua bar for some leisure time. 
Perfect sunlight. 
This is the Aquabar. 
You can lie back on a sunlounger. Refresh with cold drinks and float blissfully throughout the day.  
Oh ya! We actually got our complimentary drink when we first visited here. The staffs were caring.
Infinity pool view.
Then we hop around the island again. Facilities here are so great! 
 Did I mention that we actually got 2 hours complimentary kayaking?
However it was too windy and sunny, typical Asian like me was really afraid of getting burned though I was already burned.
We visited a deserted picnic island near the resort.
(Don't worry, they provide us free transfer too/ or you can try to swim there)
It's located not far from where we were staying.
I got to see baby shark here! Baby shark ddu~dduuu~dddduuuu~
The view is just amazing!
Boob-less don't care. The sand are soft and skin-kissing.

We could access to sister resort - Anantara Veli facilities during the stay too.
So we had our buffet dinner over there too.
Picture of us while waiting for the boat transfer.
 It's situated around 10 mins boat distance.
True happiness. 

After a fruitful breakfast, we We had some time to cycle around the resort.
Actually they provide so many activities (some complimentary). 
You can always approach the staffs and they'll guide you patiently.
Free ride and you could grab any bicycle at the resort.
Best stay ever!

We had wonderful times at this resort, amazing staffs and management with really reasonable price!
I would strongly recommended you to take this into consideration if it fits your budget and your requests.
Kindly visit Anantara Dhigu Maldives for more information.

I'll include how to plan your Maldives trip from zero to everything.
And I'll share with you how did I decide which resort to go with.

Check out my planning tips for Maldives : STAY TUNED
Travel video : STAY TUNED


Afternoon Tea Date | 2PM G Hotel Kelawai

Wednesday, 19 July 2017
Hello readers! I'm bringing you a good news! 
Before that, I want to ask you, you and you: As a Penang lang, have you ever heard about G Hotel? Who never know G hotel? Can raise up your hands? Anyone? *Clearing throat* Erhemmm.... No response? So I bet its a big 'NO NO' from you guys. HAHA! Frankly speaking, I know its existence for so long already but it was my first time to visit this beautiful hotel. Thankyou Annie for the invitation. 
I know 2PM G Hotel Kelawai is famed for it's 2pm-5pm daily afternoon tea. 2PM is featuring a three-tiered silver stand of new treats on the plates from July onwards including homemade scones, fruit tartlets, macarons, sliders, French pastries and a pot of tea of your choice. Now, the afternoon tea set is priced at RM50 nett for 2 person's sharing portion. Girlfriend/ boyfriend can pay attention, you have a new place to hang out already. 
Step into G Kelawai, I can conclude that this place is sophisticated and well crafted. It's ambiance is relaxing and unwinding. Contemporary furnishings and natural light streaming through the windows are inviting and cheering. Especially the outside seats, I really love natural sunlight. It adds shines to this place.
 Me can't resist to take a pic in good lighting.
Today's companion: pretty Shih ming :)
The atmosphere is a thumb up for us as a first timer! So, now let's have a look on what they have for afternoon tea.
Macarons. Their macarons are the least sweet among those I have eaten. (Though still sweet)
Mini burgers (Patty made up of prawns and chickens) This is a yum!
Mini fruit tarts. I personally like this! They just look so appetizing. 
Croissants with ham slices
Garnishing such as pandan leaves, butterfly pea flowers, mixed fruits like strawberry, canned mandarin orange, canned lychee, mixed nuts and chocolate decos like sticks and slices. 
Before we can try the food, we have had an interesting activity: Photo challenge! We are required to make our own set of three tier afternoon tea set by filling our plates with the food as shown. These are all items included for recent afternoon tea promotion set. Once completed, we need to showcase our creativity by decorating them. Then, we need to post it on Instagram to gain votes. The winner of the day will get attractive prize! Oh it's the most creative food review I have ever attended! 
 With my apron, I'm ready for the challenge.
Messing up my plates, I was a little nervous to group them together. Haha. look at the anxious face.
Deng deng deng! My baby is out! I chose the strawberry tart as the main attraction cause I simply love the color combo. The most satisfying plate among 3 tiers that I have arranged.
Tell me, who doesn't like desserts? 
Annie actually explained what goes where for the three-tiers stand to us. Do you know about this? 

[Sharing] Proper food placement will be like this: Savouries such as tarts/ croissant/ sandwich those more filling food on the first and second tier. Scones usually will be at first level. While sweet desserts get to stay at third tier. Typically, each tier will accommodate equal service for 2 person. Usually, it suits for small group as the stand itself already takes up more table space.
Having a splendid moment with shih ming. This place is a gem. We're having our earl grey. 
After uploading our picture, we finally can sit down and relax and try out the food.

These are a few pages of the menu .
Chilli Margarita Pizza is a boom! If you like spicy, can try this!
If you want to have some light snacks, can opt for Chicken in basket. Perfect to eat while gossiping. 
This is the famous Pomegranate mojito. One of the Cuba's cocktail with a twist. spice rum, pomegranate syrup, lime fresh mint and soda water. First sip was really strong! Cause I didn't blend it well. But its getting smoother after few sips, refreshing! You can try this!
Get to know a few food bloggers based at PG and we have had a wonderful time chit chatting. 
Oh yay! Happy girl is happy! I won the first prize! Thanks guys for showering me with your love and likes.

Thanks for reading! 
Don't forget to jio your friends/ family for afternoon tea. XOXO
For more info: G hotel Kelawai