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[ Review ] Camura Beauty Skin Recovery Treatment Set

Wednesday, 6 December 2017
Basically, I'm going to share with you about this item that I've been using lately. I stopped my on-going skincare products just to try out this stuff if it's working. So, it's not surprised if you never heard about Camura Beauty before. Let me brief you a lil bit of their brand concept before I show you what are they. :P Key point of their products is about nature. They use nature's essence to create high performance products.
Camura's mission is to elevate the natural beauty with pure, proven effective skincare developed in harmony with nature and our fellow human being. They use Germany formulation for their products.

"We keen to integrate the highest potency botanical actives from around the world into each of Camura's synergistic formulations. " said by the founder

Firstly, please understand your skin type before you purchase any skincare products.
So the first one that I've tested is this: 
Hydro Gel 15ml 
So this is a daytime moisturiser. It is used to smooth, refresh and hydrate skin throughout the day. I've read the description of this product : It states that it contains natural active ingredient of tremella fuciformis (fungus) that is great for circulation which aids to increase the skin moisture level 

My verdict:
I always like gel type moisturiser as it's easier to be applied and absorbed. So, it fits my requirement perfectly as it's not creamy at all. However, it needs bigger portion to apply your whole face because it's not as concentrated as I thought. Lightweight and smell good.
Second one is the Recovery Concentrate 15ml
It's a nightwear moisturiser. It's a replenishing night time facial with distilled botanicals that visibly restores the appearance of smooth skin by morning. It uses the combination horsetail, yarrow and aloe vera extracts to help in repairing, rehydrate, replenish and restore the skin. Oh ya! It can be applied every night.

My verdict:
This is slightly richer than the hydrogel probably because it functions as a recovery essence. Not too bad and much weighed compared to the previous one. It takes a while to be full absorbed and not too sticky to be honest. And I applied two layers actually because I couldn't feel the moisturizing feeling if I only apply for one layer thickness (probably because my skin is quite dry). Tbh, I've tested for one week and I do feel my skin is a lil more hydrating when I wake up the next day. I think it will work for long run. You can give a try! :)

They have RM10 postage charge per shipment within West Malaysia. Free shipping will be provided with purchase RM150 and above.
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Hope you enjoy reading! XOXO 


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