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[ Review ] Stay fit with Jonlivia ActivSinglet

Thursday, 2 November 2017
I think you must have heard of this brand before: Jonlivia
It's all about No.1 active lifestyle wear that helps to lose weight which is stepping into their 3rd year of establishment. Today, they have introduced the latest ActivSeries which practices NeoHeat technology and Jolivia says they can help to achieve results faster than you could imagine.
This is my first try out with Jonlivia ActivSinglet and my honest review.
My first impression:
Comfortable! The first touch on this singlet is super soft and comfy. No kidding.
It has thin and thick layer when I first wear this singlet. Upper part (above chest region) is thin and highly stretchable while the lower part of the singlet is slightly thick and spongy for me. Because it's made up of Neoprene material, thus it was used to preserve body heat.
Now, you can see from the picture. They have these 100% tear proof stitches.
It can cause a higher perspiration level (2.5mm thick Neoheat material) which making it easier to eliminate excess toxins and water. I'm not a sweaty kind of person. I can't sweat easily once I start to workout even after rounds of warmup session. So I found out that it helps me to heat up body a little bit faster compared to wearing sports bra.

What's cool about this is Jonlivia has their built-in ventilation air fabric which allows the air to flow in and out constantly and helps to move moisture away from skin. So even when you're sweating profusely, you won't feel dampish or not comfortable. I personally agree with this feature.
Not forget to mention this: One of the best thing I love about the design is this:
The mini back pocket for phone! I always like to jog/workout with music. And music contributes the most for instant motivation! So basically, this little feature add more marks on it.
Overall, I feel it's good to wear for workout. I would wanna try their hot pants if they work the best results together. Hope you like my sharing :)


2 comments on "[ Review ] Stay fit with Jonlivia ActivSinglet "
  1. That is a good product and I have used it already. That was a nice review of the product and thanks for the pics. It is indeed very comfortable and relaxing.

    1. Yes! It's comfortable when wearing ;)