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Bausch and Lomb's | Your daily wear

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Hello readers. This is my first post since my holidays started.
Recently, I'm trying out Bausch and Lomb's daily disposable softlens. For short-sighted person like me, distant objects always appear blurred and difficult to distinguish. This may put me in a situation that sometimes, my friends labelled me as 'cocky/ not-so-friendly' because I don't say Hi when they are just right in front/ bypass me. My bad. Tbh, I can't see clearly.

I wear glasses most of the time. But if you're as careless as me, always wondering where did you put your specs/ when was last time you kept your glasses in your bag/ Did I just left my specs at the jungle track just now???? I feel like I'm a 'wonderwoman' (Wonder this, wonder that).

No worries! I want to share with you this good stuff that I have discovered.
Nahhhhhh~ Daily disposable soft lens ! 
They are definitely our life-saving option.
So, What benefits if you choose to wear them?
Of course! To avoid any misunderstandings, you will definitely able to see clearly.
I guess all lens do the same job to reduce blurriness / halos/ glare in your vision. Same goes to Bausch and Lomb's.

Next, they are pretty easy to use. Why? Because they only live with you for one day long. You don't need any special storage or cleaning after use. Just throw it. JUST THROW IT! after 24 hours!

Oh ya! Not forget to mention their comfort moist technology keeps your eyes comfortable and hydrated all the day.

My verdict:
I usually choose monthly disposable soft contacts. But sometimes lazy people like me, feel it's really a waste if I open up a new pair but ended up only wear twice or thrice in a month. For events/ short gathering, I would go for this daily disposable soft lens.
After trying for few pairs, they give me cushion like feeling and do not tear easily. After putting on, it makes me forget I've switched to lenses from glasses. HAHA.Personally feel it provides adequate moisture. Because my eyes get dried easily.
So, when you don't think glasses are cool, go for this one day short life lens!
One more thing: Affordable!
I wear them, I feel the difference. 
Any takers for this ultimate lens-wearing experience?

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