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[Review] Swiss Vita Cares Your Skin

Tuesday, 31 January 2017
Hello beauties! I'm here to share with you one of my recent pick up items from : Swiss Vita 
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I'm sure some of you have heard about their products before. For what I know, they are famous with their eye cream. This is oriented from Switzerland and it had been labelled as Yahoo Top 10 Cosmeceutical award in 2014. One thing I love about them is 
They promise :
Paraben free, alcohol free, fragrance free, sulphate free
Patend ingredients added only. 
I have started using their products recently. So I can only give you opinions on what do I feel with their products but I'm still looking forward for obvious improvement on my skin. Kindly stay tune for my following updates, kay? Heeee. 
So, let's talk about this : Micrite 3D All Use Whitening Cream.
Briefly introducing this tube. It is loaded with beneficial ingredients : It has AC-11 which is helpful in repairing and minimizing dark spots. This helps to repair skin damage, giving you supple, clearer and whiter skin. It contains Vitamin B12 which helps to reduce hyper pigmentation which can cause skin darkening. It has traxenamic acid to reduces sun spots and LS 908 extract which proves to lighter skin tone.
My verdict : 
Seriously I'm liking their aluminium sealed package. White cream with no scent. Can be rubbed in nicely. Not too greasy or oily. Just started to use so I don't know how the results will be :) But it seems promising.
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Another one to show : Swiss Vita Anti spot serum
Anti spot serum contains 3-0 Ethyl Ascorbic acid which is a better form of Vitamin C helps to lighten up the skin and what most important is to reduce the spots. It helps to  correct uneven skin tone. Just have to place a small pearl size of the serum and gently smooth over face and neck (but avoid delicate  eyes areas.) Recommend to use day and night.

My Verdict : 
What I love for the selling point of these products are suitable for all skin types. Me myself is having sensitive skin so I'll be extra careful when choosing skin care products. There's not much obvious spots on my face so this doesn't reflects an obvious result. But my skin tone colour is obviously not even, I am waiting to see any improvement after this. Update later on. =P

| Check out their best price at RM130 per tube (Original price $250) |

Next, will be this : Mandelic acid perfect ratio complex serum 

What is Mandelic acid?
Okay. Basically it's derived from bitter almonds, and its molecular structure is larger size which cause it takes longer time to penetrate to skin's surface and less irritating. At the end of the days, this is going to be a long term benefits especially for people who are prone to have sensitive skin. Don't worry, this is meant any skin types cause it's so gentle.

Why it's called perfect ratio?
Well except from mandelic acid (almonds), they have added in malic acid (apple) and citric acid (lemon) this combination to form the 4:3:3 perfect ratio.

Instructions :
When you have decided to use this Mandelic acid serum as your skin peeler, I would advice you should do a thorough cleansing to get the maximum benefits. Once it's done, apply serum and lastly with your toner/ moisturiser.
My verdict :
The serum comes in a tinted glass bottle with an eye dropper applicator. Slight stinging sensation when first using. The texture itself is surprisingly light-weight and water consistency (Not too dry/ sticky). But the AHA smell is kind of strong. I have just started to use around one week and one obvious result I can see is pores tightening especially at cheeks area. Will keep updating if there's any improvement. Oh ya kindly remind you that don't continue this if you have found unusual itchiness, redness or skin irritation.

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