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Women shoes for every Occasion

Tuesday, 27 December 2016
Let's talk about this topic today. Sorry guys, it's for women.
Okay girl, I'm asking you : What do you think that girls are usually obsessed with? Hahaha this is definitely going to be our main discussion today. Hint for you : Something that may boost up your daily looks, you might have to scratch your head even though you have vast selection to pick them on. Apart from your daily wears, Yes I'm talking about shoes.
Finding a perfect pair of shoes is like finding the perfect man. I couldn't agree more with this quote. I'm very sure, every girl loves shoes. Even though they might only have a few pair of shoes, it’s probably their most loved shoes.
Guys, you must be wondering 
Why? Why ? Why? Why do we love shoes that much?
As a lady, because of one pair, we are transformed. 
Let's get to know few pairs of shoes that you'll probably need for different occasions.

1. The essential flat or sandals
You can have either one of these or both if you’re fast enough to grab them during sales as they usually get sold in pairs. Flats are an essential classic and can be worn casually or dressed up especially if you’re tall and need to avoid the pain of wearing heels. Sandals on the other hand are more casual but for those with sweaty feet, they prefer sandals because it allows more room for perspiration rather than closed toe flats.

2. The versatile pumps heels or wedges
This is an easy one and you definitely need this for special occasions or work purposes. Want something that works all round? Aim for a closed rounded toe or pointed toe pair so it can be worn for something formal or dressy. Open toes don’t usually go well for formal work purposes so the closed toe heel or wedge is a better option to consider. If you’re not always in a formal setting, well then the open toe heel or wedge is just great. Pick wedged heels if you need more stability!

3. The sporty sneaker
You’ll need this in case of sport activities and of course for you to style up with the athleisure in trend. A pair of simple coloured sneakers work best so it can be worn for a jog or for a casual day out. Opt for something neutral and solid rather than a pair that’s flashy because this way, you won’t need another few more pair of sneakers for different purposes. Remember, shop smart and pick the right pair.
You go girl! Take that trendy shoes with you!

If you want to save up and not spend too much on shoes, be sure to know what Trendy shoes are and invest in them so you’ll only need a few pairs for every occasion. It won’t be easy if you’re a shoe addict but for someone who likes to save up, these tips can save you a lot! Be a smart savvy shoe shopper by following these easy tips today.

Have a good read :)


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