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[ Review ] Surprises for your every Tuesday

Sunday, 16 October 2016
So the story begins. Life as a girl, You know I know.  A girl's clothes reflect her personality as well. How can we not invest a little (I swear just a little) on our daily outfits so that people will think that you are showing respect on yourself // This chabor so fashionable ehhh // Boyfriend also can be proud of having you [chiobu] as his girl. Hahahahaha *Sorry but I'm not brainwashing you to be a shopaholic, it's just it's just I strongly agree that we girls need something to brings out our daily wear*. Need what ohhh? Yes! The answer is we need accessories to highlight our OOTD! Good thing to share again! I'm excited to share with you this website. 

Perfect place for you to hunt for birthday gifts / convo gifts! Hahaha!

#1. Why choose Next Tuesdays?
Great to know that this little charms company have just started their products launching. As a startup, their products are all handpicked overseas from Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and Singapore. These countries never fail to lead the latest fashion trends and hot styles around the globe. The products designed are mainly focusing on simplicity, minimalism and artistic style. They are effortless to be matched with your outfits. Moreover, the price range are affordable and reasonable. Don't worries.
These are some designs of their Bracelets 
Varius in Latin means party colored

#2. What's special with their accessories?
After having a good chat with the owner, she told me that although each pieces are not individually hand made. But but but they limit the items up to 5 pieces per design. So that they can ensure the little charms are unique and not easily available. And I have to say that the products are in good quality for sure. :)
#3. Hmmmm... so Who designs these?
Majority of their designers are non mainstream where they strongly believe alternative niches create better style and more variant trends. So they come out with different styles of designs that I believe there must be one style suits you!
#4. Any unique points of their products?
Yes yes yes! The names! Hahaha the first time I browsed through their website and got really attracted to their products' name. After knowing more, I discovered that they name the charms in Latin. It's so mysterious and classy at the same time. The owner says it sounds more refreshing in ordinary code format and that's one of their selling point. I personally indulge a lot in the names. Beautiful to say that they package your items in really nice way. I feel so pampered when receiving their parcel ! Made my day!
A good pair of earrings make your dull and draggy look a little fabulous. It will bring your latest hairstyle stands out even more. Of course they design earrings too. What I love about these are all the designs are really easy to carry and we all know simplest makes best, right?!
Lorem in Latin is a piece of word from 'Dolorem' which means pain, sorrow
Neque means neither
Duis means double / two times 

#5. Why next Tuesdays? 
Yeah. I was so curious why it must be Tuesday? Any hidden meaning behind?
Why Tuesdays? Why Tuesdays? Because they are going to carry out fun and exciting stuffs like giveaway, sales, promo sales and contests on every Tuesdays! That's the main reason finally. Haha Just to celebrate we have finally over #Mondayblue ! So thoughtful yeayyy but I seriously agree that Tuesday is worth to celebrate. Hahahahaha!
It's pretty much attention grabbing when it comes to necklace. An easy piece will upgrade your fashion sense instantly.
Here present to you puffy cheeks. Haha!

Never underestimate the power of simplicity! A simple piece of accessory draws attention of your overall outfits and of course it secures your next date. Hahahaha! So, please come to have a look on this website.After all, You are the one that you need to impress everyday.
So, dress up a little for yourself. You deserve it! :)

Information for you 
Website : NextTuesdays
Facebook : NextTuesdays

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