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[ Review ] Why you should shop at Ezbuy?

Monday, 24 October 2016

I admit I'm having dangerous love affair with online shopping and the urge to buy things impulsively is getting chronic. So tell me, why not Online Shopping at this Internet age? Why not? Because I can simply shop in my pyjamas and half opened sleepy eyes in just a mouse click. Everything can be bought literally at your fingertips. So why not? 

I won't be selfish and I want to share with you this platform so much. This is called ezbuy (Previously known as 65daigou)

Everyone knows Taobao. So do I because we all know things made in Chine they always have cheapest deals. I shop at Taobao too but the thing that always make me headache is I always need to ask from people's help. I need to find an agent (the middle person) to help me process my orders esp shipment. Besides, It takes time liaising with the seller and always-make-me-worried delivery service. My friend who is a Banana (literally means completely English educated) faces problems in reading the product description since it's purely mandarin.

Now, don't worry! You can choose to ship directly from the online platform (Amazon or Taobao etc) or you can opt to ship from an agent and here let's browse through this platform : ezbuy

Why you should shop at ezbuy?

#1 Easy way to sign up and multi language
Hassle free sign up by using your email and contact number. The most important is its translated into multilanguage. So don't worry about you can't understand the description. 

#2  Shop anything you want & Save your money !
So , look at this ! This is the homepage of Ezbuy. I'm just in love with their page design and its really convenient to search whatever you want . They are well organised into different categories. So, yea what are you waiting for? Shop and Save! 
Oh wait wait wait! If you want to buy something from Taobao, but you want ezbuy to help you?
How? How? How ? How? 
Simple tutorial for you. Let's read the steps :)

Step 1 : Find the products that you want. Eg. Taobao
Step 2 : Find the link and copy.
Step 3 : Go back to ezbuy and copy the link into 'Search box '
Step 4 : Add to cart and check out
Step 5 : Review your order and remember to check your shipping method

#3.  Lowest international shipping fee
They have lowest shipping Rate at RM4.50/ 500 g 
& No agent fee is required. How good news is this? *Jumping upside down*

Oh ya! Forgot to mention about ezbuy PrimeIt is a subscribed membership programme exclusive to ezbuy existing customers. It enables subscriber to enjoy unlimited parcel being shipped from oversea to your doorstep with only RM8.80 nett per checkout for Prime eligible items. Besides, Prime member can also enjoy lowest 4% agent fee for Prime eligible items.

**To subscribe ezbuy Prime membership, you are required to pay an annual fee amounted RM188. Currently, customers can get a 30-day trial membership with RM18.80.

You can now have UNLIMITED parcel shipped from oversea, any size and weight at only RM8.80 nett! Click to know more! Ezbuy Prime

#4. Variety of shipping methods 
As you can see, you can choose DHL Express / Priority Air / Economy Air / Special Air / Or Sea. Just choose one you are more convenient with

#5. Good service 
Don't worry about your parcels. If you want to cancel orders / change shipping address / shipping method and any enquiries to ask, don't hesitate to call them. The staffs are willing to help. After sales service is still good. So just go ahead and shop

15% off shipping fee with code - ezsp15
Register & Get RM15 ezbuy Voucher -

Thankyou for your kind attention. :)
Make sure you shop till you drop Hahaha


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