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Talk talk Korea 2016 // The Beauty of Korea

Monday, 25 July 2016
Greetings! Have you heard about Talk Talk Korea before?
Let me share something with you. Talk talk Korea is a global contest organized by Korean culture and Information service, KBS world and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.It was launched in Year 2013. This year is the 4th event already. Basically, you have to show them what you think about Korea and express your thoughts with original content. Kinda cool right? I feel this is so exciting.
This year, they are having 4 categories : 
Photo, Video, Webtoon, Calligraphy , Postcard and one special addition - Hanbok. 
I'm joining this year for calligraphy category. Too bad I had limited time to complete my submission when I knew this event from my friends. My mom always said I was so enthusiastic to do these so called waste-time-waste-money thingy. Hahahaha But I think it's one of the best way for me to discover more possibilities in doing art stuffs.
Here is my submission : The Beauty of Korea 
I named it myself. Haha! Basically, I'm using only cosmetic products to complete this piece of work. I use nail polish and lip stick to write the words, eyebrows pen and eyeliner to draw the 4 trigrams of Korea national flag and double eyelid glue to stick the flower petals. The reason I'm using cosmetic products to draw is because Korea beauty standard is always impressive and amazing. No matter in which aspects such as culture, cuisine, language , music , drama etc, Korea stands out excellently. I use flower petals to form the circle of the national fag to bring out this message : Korea is truly a beautiful country. 
Saranghae Korea.  
 It takes time to stick petals one by one. 
Lipstick is kinda hard in writing. But it was so much fun! 
Wish I can visit Korea one day through this meaningful program.
Watch how I complete my work through this little video. 
Wish me luck! XOXO

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