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[DIY tutorial] Christmas DIY Poker Cards

Friday, 29 November 2013
I'm coming back to this deserted island. Well, hope I'm not too left out =p. Hello peepos! I'm here again sharing another hand crafts that I did last week. It is >>> Christmas DIY Poker Cards <<<
Inspiration : comes from the old Poker cards that were almost going to stay forever with dustbin , I was thinking what to do with the piles of used cards. Hence, I decided to make it this way, maybe you can try too. It's not hard at all! Just because I did this for christmas gift purpose. You may do for birthday present, Thanksgiving gifts, Mother's day, Father's day and so forth. =) When I searched something related to this , I have found many people have tried it before. So today, my aim is this one >>>

Let's start <3
 Materials and tools needed :
Piles of sed Poker Cards, sandpaper, scissors, glue, pen, strings /anything that can be used to tie cards together.
Illustration : HJ story
This is one of my fav hand drawing love story. *sweetness overload* You may find more on their page. They are the cartoons that I'm going to use and cut them out . Of course! You can choose to draw =)
 Close up =p
Now draft the words. What you wanna tell him/ her? Here is mine <3
 I type out the 52 REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU on a sheet. Just because I have no confidence to make sure my work is tidy and neat with consistent font size and style. Haha So better I grey scale the words and I outline them with black pen. *Much more better and not risk-taking*
 Sandpaper is used to make the surface rougher. It helps to create an optical illusion that this pile of cards have been used for decades. Just to convince people that you DIY the used cards.
Yeap, maybe I think . =p
 Cut them out and glue them.
 The result >>> You may design how you want it to be =) Tie them up!
After that I have attached one gift to send to him. It's a red scarf. He told me it's cold at Taiwan <3
Parcel sent out. Happy advanced Christmas to everyone!
Maybe sometimes, spend your little time and effort and creativity to create surprises for the one you love. It can be your Papa, Mama, siblings, lover or friends! It's never too late. 
I swear it will be really heart warming *100%*when the people you love got it =) 
Do it yourself! That's what D.I.Y. stands for!
Goodnight peeps <3 Hope you love it!
Its a short post after so loooooooong. <3

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